Environmental Speaker Series

The Environmental Speaker Series, at WWU's College of the Environment, presents topics of environmental concern for the WWU and Bellingham communities. 
Talks are Thursdays at 4:30pm PT.

For Winter 2023 the series will be both on-campus (AW-204) and Online. The CLASS will be held on campus with the public allowed to attend in person as well. Parking is available in lot C. Talks will ALSO be live-streamed for the off-campus audience. 

Register with the Alumni Association to get a link for the live stream. Registration is free and open to all. 

Students in the class must attend in person.

Promoted in partnership with the Alumni Association's Western Engaged program.  

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WWU is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodation contact Jonathan (Batchej2@wwu.edu).

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2022-2023 Speaker Schedule

Winter Quarter - 2023

Headshot of Dr. Julia K. Parrish
What Dead Birds Tell Us About a Warming World
Jan 05 2023
Headshot of Nick Engelfried
How Youth Activism Upended the U.S. Politics of Climate Change
Jan 12 2023
Headshot of Dr. Halabisky
Earth Observation of Wetlands - Unlocking the promise of tomorrow from patterns of the past
Jan 19 2023
Guang Zheng standing in a park
Seeing forests from three-dimensional (3-D) perspective: opportunities and challenges of lidar technology in forest ecology
Jan 26 2023
headshot of Dr. Laurie Trautman
Sustainability in the cross-border context: Exploring the potential for the ‘Cascadia’ region
Feb 02 2023
headshot of Michael Feerer
How to Take Part in Improving Our Community's Climate Resilience -- Via Trees!
Feb 09 2023
Headshot of Brel Froebe
The Fight to Save Legacy Forests in WA: the Old Growth Forests of our Future
Feb 16 2023
Jarre Hamilton in a forest setting
The Power of Storytelling and Nature
Feb 21 2023
headshot of Derek Moscato
Green advocacy in Cascadia’s borderlands: The role of cross-border media and persuasion in protecting the Skagit Headwaters Donut Hole
Feb 23 2023
headshot of Dr. Grant Gutierrez
Environmental justice and river restoration in Puget Sound
Mar 02 2023
Headshot of Aquila Flower
Creating an Atlas of the Salish Sea Bioregion
Mar 09 2023

Spring Quarter - 2023

Headshot of Daniel Donato in the forest
Not fiery enough: Why the modern era of large wildfires in eastern Oregon and Washington actually needs more fire
Mar 30 2023
Headshot of Dr Chris Mulverhill
Forests in the age of big data: measuring and monitoring Canada’s forests from space
Apr 06 2023
Gabe Epperson Standing in a field
When is Conservation? Spirituality, Nature and Cultural Evolution in the 21st Century
Apr 13 2023
Hanna Lewis Headshot
Mini-Forest Revolution: Rewilding our communities for Climate Resilience
Apr 20 2023
Patrick sitting at a table writing on some papers
CGE exploration of economic, environmental, and social changes to Hawaii Post-Covid 19
Apr 27 2023
Headshot of Michelle Bender
Ocean Rights: An emerging environmental ethic to transform ocean governance
May 04 2023
Jennifer collecting seaweed samples.
Salish Sea Seaweeds: Safe to Eat?
May 11 2023
Dr. Prichard standing in a forest in a black and white photo
Climate and wildfires in western North America: a case for proactive management
May 18 2023
Jonathan hiking in a burnt forest in the snow
See the Forest through the point clouds: Lidar applications for ecology.
May 25 2023
Dr. Gabrielson standing on some stairs
Always Looking Forward: A Year in the College of the Environment
Jun 01 2023

Fall Quarter - 2022

David Wallin
Mountain Goat Conservation and Restoration in Washington State
Sep 22 2022
Nina Whitney on a ship wearing protective gear
Putting recent western North Atlantic warming into context
Sep 29 2022
The three zero waste team members at an event
Food Freedom Through Climate Change Activism
Oct 06 2022
Headshot of Stefan Freelan
The Salish Sea Map: How Cartography Contributes to Geography (The Adoption of the Name Salish Sea)
Oct 13 2022
professional headshot of Dr. Taryn Black
Remote Work: Monitoring Glacier Change in Kenai Fjords National Park
Oct 20 2022
professional headshot of Brian Harvey
Forest fires in western Cascadia
Oct 27 2022
Headshot of Teodora Minkova
Expanding the Forest Management Toolbox: a Large-scale Field Experiment on Washington State Lands
Nov 03 2022
Headshot of Dr Tim Sturtz
Law and Odor
Nov 10 2022
professional headshot of Dr Joshua L Reid
A Coast Salish Environmental History of the 1855 Treaty of Point Elliott
Nov 17 2022
full pumpkin pie on a table
Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 24 2022
Maya K. van Rossum headshot standing outside
From Rhetoric to Reality: Green Amendments as a New Path for Environmental Protection
Dec 01 2022