Environmental Speaker Series

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The Environmental Speaker Series, at WWU's College of the Environment, presents topics of environmental concern for the WWU and Bellingham communities. Talks are Thursdays at 4:30.

For FALL 2021 the series will be both on-campus and Online. The CLASS will be held on campus with attendance limited to WWU students and staff. Talks will ALSO be live-streamed for the off-campus audience. Students in the class must attend in person.

The Fall series will showcase environmental research of WWU Faculty.

Promoted in partnership with the Alumni Association's Western Engaged program.

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WWU is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodation contact Stefan (stefan@wwu.edu).

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2021-2022 Speaker Schedule

Winter Quarter - 2022

Ginny Broadhurst
Jan 06
An overview of the Salish Sea Environment and the work of the Salish Sea Institute
Timothy Bellew Sr.
Jan 13
A Way of Life
Samara Almonte
Jan 20
The Importance of Environmental Justice Storytelling
Brian Bingham
Jan 27
Conservation, Restoration and the Challenge of Complex Life Histories
Feb 03
Winter Qtr. Environmental Speaker Series, Salish Sea Topics, TBA (Thursdays, 4:30)
Deb Donovan
Feb 10
Restoring the Iconic Pinto Abalone in the Salish Sea
Brooke Weigel
Mar 03
Effects of Ocean Warming Across the Life Cycle of Bull Kelp
Aquila Flower
Mar 10
Creating an Atlas of the Salish Sea Bioregion

Spring Quarter - 2022

Edge of a lake, tall grassy areas around the coast
Mar 31
Spring Qtr. Environmental Speaker Series (TBA, Thursdays 4:30)

Fall Quarter - 2021

Lindsey MacDonald
Sep 23
WWU's Sustainability Engagement Institute
James Helfield
Sep 30
Salmon Habitat Restoration using Engineered Log Jams: Is it Working?
Brooke Love
Oct 07
Ocean Acidification in the Salish Sea and Beyond
Ruth Sofield
Oct 14
Contaminants of Emerging Concern and their Connections to Salish Sea Wildlife and People
Charlie Barnhart
Oct 21
Carbon Mitigation Strategies for Mid-Sized Cities: The Bellingham Climate Action Plan
Robert Mitchell
Oct 28
The Response of the Stillaguamish Watershed to Projected Climate Change
Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez
Nov 04
Harbor Seals in Whatcom Creek

Nov 11
Veterans Day - No Environmental Speaker
Karin Lemkau
Nov 18
Rediscovering Our Toxic Legacy – A Tale of DDT
Pumpkin pie with crust shaped into mathematical pie symbol on top
Nov 25
Thanksgiving Holiday
Not Applicable
David Hooper
Dec 02
The Nitrogen Cascade, from the Nooksack to the Globe