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The mission of the UEPP Department is to contribute to a more just and sustainable society by cultivating students to become future planning and policy leaders who are ethical, knowledgeable, and technically capable to assist communities plan and develop policies for present and future generations. The Department's mission affirms and works within the broader mission of College of the Environment to integrate outstanding urban planning and policy educational programs through faculty-student collaboration, applied research, and community partnerships to foster positive outcomes in communities.

The UEPP Department programs envision advancing a society where individuals and groups can fully participate in the planning and development of their communities such that basic needs of safety, shelter, livelihoods and opportunity for self-realization and participation are met for all. Community aspirations, as understood by diverse segments of the community, are discussed freely and form the foundation for working toward a more sustainable future, with special consideration for those who are most marginalized and for the ecological systems that sustain and inspire us.

The UEPP Department offers professional programs within the College that directly address urban, environmental and community problem solving through planning and public policy practice. The Department's strategic mission is fulfilled through curriculum attainment of three values: Collaboration, Application, and Problem Orientation:

Collaboration: We collaborate within the College, with other units of the University, and with the larger community because environmental and community challenges require comprehensive and inclusive engagement.

Application: We apply our teaching and learning to the real world and seek to make meaningful contributions to a community's sustainable development.

Problem Orientation: We engage students, faculty, and the professional community meaningfully in the analysis of solutions to pressing environmental and community problems.

Many of our graduates go on to professional careers as urban planners and public policy experts and graduate studies in planning, law, natural resource management, architecture, and public policy. Our curriculum is designed to help students make the intellectual connections and gain the practical skills necessary for building socially and environmentally sustainable communities. Through the integration of urban and environmental planning and policy and the natural sciences, social sciences, and allied fields, the Department's programs endeavor to educate problem solvers who are able to meet the environmental challenges of our times.

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