Environmental Science Degrees

What is Environmental Science?

    A student working in the toxicology lab

Environmental Science draws on basic knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological and quantitative aspects of natural systems. The knowledge of how natural systems work is applied to solving problems largely created by human activities. Often these problems are represented by disturbances in the functioning of natural systems. Humans are altering their own life-support systems-–the air, the water and soil. The scale of disturbance ranges from the molecular and cellular to individuals, populations, ecosystems, and regional and global levels.

Environmental Science Majors at College of the Environment

College of the Environment students may major in Environmental Science with or without an area of emphasis. For more information on environmental science degree options at College of the Environment, please see ESCI Majors, Minors, & Degrees.

Why Consider an Environmental Science Major?

Are you excited by how natural systems work? Do you want to solve the problems of the natural environment caused by human activities? Do you love to work outdoors? Do you love the sciences and scientific inquiry? Then a degree in Environmental Science might be for you.