ESCI Waitlist Priority Policy

Note: this policy was adopted winter 2011.

Environmental Science students will have enrollment priority if they register during their initial registration period (Phase I and first day of Phase II). WWU students not admitted to Environmental Science can enroll or register for a waitlist beginning the second day of Phase II.

Waitlist Management

Environmental Science reserves the right to re‐order the position of students on any class wait list based on class standing, graduation date, major or concentration coursework or prerequisites. If a student obtains Instructor’s Approval (override), they will be allowed to enroll in the course if space is available or register for the wait list if the course is filled. Instructor Approval does not override the wait list.

Wait list for WWU classes outside of Environmental Science

Each department will post their wait list policies on their web site. At the time of registration, there should be a link for these departmental policies on the Registrar’s Website. Once the Registrar’s departmental link page is created, we will send students an email and list it in the Fairhaven bulletin.

If you have questions about the wait list instructions or University policy, contact the Registrar’s Office at (360) 650‐3432, or review Western’s Wait List Instructions and Policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions about Environmental Sciences’ policies are not answered below, call the College of the Environment office at (360) 650‐3520.

Can I register for a course or wait list if I do not have the listed prerequisites?

Students are required to meet the prerequisite (or its equivalent) in order to register for the course or to add your name to the waitlist. If you have questions whether the coursework you have is equivalent, contact the instructor. If the instructor agrees that you meet the spirit of the pre‐requisites, they will provide an Instructor Approval override which will allow you to register or be added to the waitlist.

What if I need a class to graduate and it is full?

If a course is a graduation requirement, and will not be offered again before you graduate, contact the instructor about your need for the course. The Instructor may give you priority into the course.