Student Support Resources

Student Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

Services are available online this year. Please check out WWU’s Counseling, Health and Wellness Services website for resources and contact information.

There are multiple pathways for help –

Emergency services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, throughout the year to current WWU students by calling 1-360-650-3164.

Additionally, there are telehealth appointments available via Zoom for patients of the Health Center and Counseling Center. There are a variety of outreach programs where students can participate in weekly workshops, support groups, care spaces, and seek support through online and self-help materials. Examples of fall programs include:

Food/Shelter/Technology Needs/Resources

WWU Office of Student Life will connect you with a wide range of resources from food gift cards to rental assistance and technology issues – complete the student resources survey.

Fresh Food Boxes – available Fridays from 2. You can learn more about the benefits of connecting to farmers and food producers in this way at Sustainable Connections CSA website. Getting good food to people in times of crisis and supporting local and sustainable agriculture is a highly supportive activity that each one of us may be able to participate in for our own health and the greater good of our community. Please visit the CSA website for more information.

This year, Boldly Grown Farm a fall/winter certified organic farm in Skagit County, is offering community supported agriculture to the Western community as part of the Viking Supported Agriculture (VSA) program. They will start deliveries to campus on November 5. You may sign up directly with the farm on their Boldy Grown Farm website. Boldly Grown Farm is offering a “coupon” to miss a share (save $45) in case there is an overlap with your summer VSA. The code is “missone.” You can go into your account and select which date you would like to miss. The registration confirmation email will remind you to do this step. Boldly Grown Farm will be delivering to the Office of Sustainability, High Street Hall 25 weekly on Thursday for pick up between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m.

Also, this year, we are fortunate to add Sea To Shore Seafood community supported fishery to the VSA line up. Sea To Shore Seafood is delivering to campus now, so if you are interested in their products, please visit the Sea To Shore Seafood website. Click on the link at the top of the page regarding weekly deliveries, click Whatcom County as your location, select your items, and choose Viking Supported Agriculture as your pick-up location at check out. There is no weekly commitment, so you may order one week, and not the next. Sea To Shore Seafood delivers to campus weekly on Thursdays for pick-up between 10 am and 4pm at the Office of Sustainability, High Street Hall 25.

Providers will deliver their items in either single-use containers and/or bags (due to virus concerns), or multi-use containers that are sanitized between uses.

Please identify yourself as a VSA participant if not using your email address to sign-up for either Boldly Grown Farm or Sea To Shore Seafood.

Donate A Share: Food security is currently a challenge for some of our community members. We have set up a dedicated fund to receive your donations to pay for weekly fresh produce for students in need. Donate funds.

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Find out what’s going on at the Western Involvement Network.

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