Canyon Lake Community Forest

Student Access

College of the Environment students have access to a community forest reserve of 2,300 acres of forest land in the foothills of Mt. Baker. This parcel of land includes 700 acres of old-growth forest with trees 800 to 1,000 years old, as well as a 50-acre lake and alpine wetlands. This property is one of many resources available to students for research and study in land and wildlife management.

NOTE:    As of 8/24/2020, due to active logging and safety concerns by Sierra Pacific Industries, the access gate to Canyon Lake/Canyon Lake Community Forest is closed for the remainder of 2020. No access permitted through their gates.

UPDATE: Update from Whatcom County. As of 8/30/2023, the County is in the final stages of negotiating public access to Canyon Lake and anticipates public access will be available by early to mid summer 2024.

Note: The access road to Canyon Lake Community Forest, owned by Sierra Pacific, was washed out in several places by the January 2009 storm. The road is closed at the gate, which currently (as of August 2019) means a 5.7 mile hike to the trailhead is required. However, the College of the Environment can arrange for students conducting research in the Canyon Lake watershed to have special access to the area. Please contact Ed Weber for more information.

For more information on the forest, including trail descriptions and updated road closure information, visit the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation page.