Environmental Studies Degrees

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What is Environmental Studies?

Students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Environmental Studies (ENVS) approach environmental understanding and problem solving through diverse programs that examine interacting social and natural systems. By putting the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and environmental professions into direct dialogue, the department’s curriculum is designed to help students make the intellectual connections and gain the practical skills necessary for building socially and environmentally sustainable futures.

ENVS Department Majors at College of the Environment

College of the Environment students may major in Environmental Studies or in a number of related fields, including Environmental Education, Environmental Policy, and Geography. For more information on these degree options, please see ENVS Majors, Minors, & Degrees.

Why Consider a Major from the Department of Environmental Studies?

Are you interested in helping shape sustainability programs and policies for organizations large and small? Would you like to work towards building the sustainable cities of tomorrow? Does the idea of working in the growing field of disaster risk reduction interest you? If you want to use your knowledge and skills to promote positive change in the human and natural environment, then a degree from the Department of Environmental Studies might be right for you.