Clubs & Organizations

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to fostering the success of Hispanic/Chicano and Native American scientists — from college students to professionals — to attain advanced degrees, careers and positions of leadership in science.

Students for Environmental Equity and Disaster Reduction

Students for Environmental Equity and Disaster Reduction is a student collective that discusses and educates about current environmental justice and disaster risk reduction issues in our community and abroad, as well as encourages action in the face of so many issues in both of these fields. Social justice and the environment aren't mutually exclusive issues; they have a major role in how disasters and environmental policies are managed. We hope to bring to light the connection between these two concepts, and their apparent role in our community and others.

WWU Students for Farmworker Justice

Students for Farmworker Justice is a boycott committee organized by students in solidarity with farmworkers at Sakuma Bothers Berry Farms in Washington State and in San Quintin, Mexico, as well as the organization Community to Community Development in Bellingham, WA. We're organizing in solidarity with farmworkers in their efforts to unionize and attain union contracts.

Students for Anti-Racist Action

Students for Anti-Racist Action (SARA) is a group that focuses on educating and mobilizing white students on campus in racial justice organizing. As white students we recognize that racism is a force that negatively impacts students of color and communities of color. We also recognize that it is not the role of these communities to educate white people on racism. It is our responsibility to teach ourselves about power and privilege and to have the conversations that foster such growth in a setting that is safe and inclusive of all identities. It is also our role to show up in solidarity when asked and to take active steps to fight racism in our everyday lives. We work in solidarity with students of color and recognize their leadership in racial justice movements.

Ethnic Student Center

"The ESC is a community that supports historically underrepresented ethnic students and allies by providing a social atmosphere and inclusive environment where we engage in identity exploration and strive for cultural awareness and academic excellence." – ESC Mission

The ESC is a student-run organization within the Associated Students of WWU. They provide several resources and a safe environment where students can work on event programming, do homework, or just hang out. There are many ethnic clubs that assist students in transitioning to Western, developing cultural identity, providing a sense of community, and being active in social justice. The ESC also offers study space, computer access, and resource information. Open to all students.