Institute for Energy Studies

The College of the Environment is collaborating with the College of Business and Economics and the College of Sciences and Engineering in an innovative new program designed to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding clean energy economy. Currently, the Institute for Energy Studies (IES) offers a portfolio of programs that include both a BA in Energy Policy & Management and a BS in Energy Science & Technology, as well as Energy Concentrations in the Electric (energy) Engineering BS (ABET-certified), and Business & (energy) Sustainability BA, and finally minors in Energy Policy and Energy Science. Also, College of the Environment graduate degrees can be pursued with an energy focus in both the MS and the MA.

Students can work with faculty, WWU Facilities engineers, and external experts on energy efficiency projects via the IES Campus as a Lab initiative. The IES also provides research opportunities for affiliated faculty and students in topics such as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Program participants will gain core competencies in energy-related science, technology, policy, economics and business, and have opportunities to participate in energy research with nationally recognized faculty-mentors.

For more information, visit the Institute for Energy Studies.

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