Internship Report Instructions

The College of the Environment requires all Internship Reports be submitted in a digital (.pdf) format. This report will be attached to the Internship Report Approval ESIGN Form which will be submitted to your faculty internship advisor.  

The Internship Report should be similar to a Thesis in style and format; however, it can be less formal. It should thoroughly address your learning objectives you indicated on your learning agreement and any other requirements your faculty advisor requested. 

If your faculty advisor was Dr John McLaughlin, here are some additional instructions .

Student/Faculty Steps for Internship Reports

  1. Student reviews College Internship Contract (with faculty advisor).
  2. Report should adequately address the learning objectives that you agreed on at the start of your internship.  Somewhere in your report you should:  "Compare how your coursework on the one hand, and your experiential application work on the other, have contributed to your understanding of the creation and application of knowledge in your field of study.”
  3. Student completes written Internship Report (with faculty advising).
    1. Common attachments to the report include:   Daily/Weekly Log (if required), Statement from Supervisor on hours worked (If required by your faculty advisor) and your Learning Agreement.
  4. The first page of your report must be your Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page (Adobe PDF)
  5. The TITLE of the report should include the name of the agency with whom the Internship was conducted, if applicable.
  6. Internship DATES refers to the dates when the Internship was completed (not when the report is submitted or credit is received). For work spanning multiple quarters/years, include the full range of dates.
  7. Student signs Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page. Scan and attach as the first page of your report.
  8. Student saves the entire document as a .pdf file.
  9. Naming convention: Year_Student’sLastName_Agency/location_Topic (e.g. 2009_Einstein_DOE_UnifiedTheory or 2010_Thoreau_WaldonPond_SimpleLiving).
  10. Student attaches the digital .pdf file (with signed cover page) and sends to the instructor using the Internship Report Approval ESIGN Form.
  11. Instructor reads/approves/accepts final Internship Report.
  12. When instructor accepts the report in completion, they will send the ESIGN form to the CENV Internship Program Advisor.