Modern Aluminum Vessel Construction, including hybrid and zero emissions

Join Ron as he describes the modern construction techniques used and the features incorporated into new vessels being constructed by local Bellingham boat builder, All American Marine, Vessels and features discussed will include catamarans, hydrofoils, hybrid boats and the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger vessel.

About the Speaker

headshot of Mr. Willie
Ron Wille
President and COO of All American Marine

Ron Wille is the President and COO of All American Marine (AAM), bringing decades of leadership and maritime experience to his role. Joining AAM in 2018, Ron quickly became an integral part of the team with his knowledge of the marketplace, operational experience and strong customer relationships. Prior to joining AAM, he had a decades long working relationship as an AAM customer, managing a large passenger vessel operation in Alaska which included three AAM hydrofoil-assisted catamarans. Ron's extensive maritime background includes commercial ship assist and towing operations in Southcentral Alaska on tugboats. He is a licensed merchant mariner and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oakland University. Ron's comprehensive expertise and strategic vision make him an invaluable leader for AAM, ensuring continued success in the maritime industry.

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