Indigenous Mariculture And Its Importance

Our ecosystems are under attack, how can we restore these environments? What does restoring the environment mean? Within Australia we see habitat restoration occur but how successful has this been and is there a better way. Learning from successful restoration projects in the Pacific North West indicates a very unique outcome to habitat restoration and maybe a different future of habitat restoration for Australia.

About the Speaker

Dr. Gibbs
Dr. Mitch Gibbs
Lecturer and Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Sydney

Mitchell is a proud Dunghutti man through kinship, and Lecturer and Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Sydney in the Schools of Geosciences and History, and Philosophy of Science. From Indigenous traditional owners and knowledge holders, he learns about our environments and ways to manage those environments using shellfish-associated practices handed down through oral and lived histories.

Mitchell’s Fulbright project is a collaboration between Australian First Nations and Coast Salish people to share their respective knowledge of shellfish. The aim is to improve understanding of the mechanisms and protocols that have been set in place to initiate and continue cultural revitalisation in association with community-driven habitat restoration.

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