Salish Sea

Northwest Coast Ethnobotany and Lessons for Food Systems Sustainability


Archived video of this presentation.

For countless generations Native Americans and First Peoples have stewarded the rich and diverse ecosystems throughout this region which range from as deep as a Halibut can dive to as high as a Mountain Goat can climb. Join ethnobotanist T. Abe Lloyd as he explores the resiliency of Indigenous food systems by using an ecological lens to compare and contrast traditional and industrial food systems. He’ll close by reflecting on how social paradigms guide food systems.

A Way of Life


Archived video of the Zoom Webinar.


A presentation and discussion with Lummi educator, fisher and tribal leader Tim Ballew.




An overview of the Salish Sea Environment and the work of the Salish Sea Institute

Archived video of this presentation.

This talk will give an overview of the Salish Sea, it’s environmental significance and challenges. It will cover some of the obstacles in managing the Salish Sea as an international system and provide information about the work of the Salish Sea Institute at WWU. Ginny will set the stage for the winter quarter series that focuses on the Salish Sea and explain a bit about what’s to come and why.

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