Scaling Change: Imagining Future Ecologies

Mendel Skulski recording a soundscape in the field.

(Archived video recording )

In the midst of global climate crisis, the environmental maxim - think globally, act locally - seems to ask us to live with one ear to the ground, and one earbud to the infosphere.  If the answer to globalized climate chaos is localized climate justice, then how do we scale our place-tethered actions?  If we are to be plant-like, rooted in place, then what will compose the mycelial networks that help us communicate and grow together?  What kind of media will compose our soils?  Future Ecologies is a podcast created to tell stories that might start to answer these questions.  It sounds like art, reads like journalism, and works to spread challenging ideas and "bright spots".  In this talk, we'll unpack our stand-alone series on the climate crisis, Scales of Change, and what lessons it offers us for living in the Salish Sea and imagining our future ecologies, together.  

About the Speaker

Adam Huggins and Mendel Skulski performing in a brick building
Adam Huggins & Mendel Skulski
Co-Hosts, Future Ecologies Podcast

Originating in 2018 as a collaboration between a pair of audiophile friends and naturalists, Future Ecologies is a podcast about the many ways we relate to our living planet. Telling stories from the Salish Sea, across the Pacific Rim, and beyond, every episode weaves together narrative, informative interviews, and science communication, supported by evocative soundscapes and music.

Mendel Skulski is a recovering industrial designer, amateur mushroom nerd, and garden-variety dork. Mendel has no formal training in writing, journalism, or audio production, but so far they’ve been at least OK at learning on the fly. They cherish Future Ecologies as a platform to tell local stories that resonate with a global audience; to highlight Indigenous knowledge and decolonial philosophies; and to showcase local artists, musicians, and thought leaders.

Adam Huggins is a naturalist, musician, and nurseryman.  He practices ecological restoration on Galiano Island, where he is learning to be rooted in place.  He helps produce Future Ecologies to participate in conversations that challenge and inspire him, to seek and share pragmatic solutions to wicked problems, and to speak to people much wiser than himself.

Adam Huggins in the field, conducting an interview in a recently burned site.

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