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Paci-Green, R., Varchetta, A., McFarlane, K., Iyer, P., Goyeneche, M. 2020. Comprehensive school safety policy: A global baseline survey, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 44. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijdrr.2019.101399.



Whatcom County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan 2021Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for Whatcom County (FEMA Review Copy)

 FULL REPORT (939 pages) available on county website.






Cover of Comprehensive School Safety Policy: Trends in the Asia-PacificComprehensive School Safety Policy: Summary Report for Policy Makers on Trends in the Asia Pacific Region

Completed through research grant with Risk RED.

 FULL REPORT (67 pages)

 SUMMARY (8 pages)




safer schools, resilient communities

Towards Safer School Construction: A Community-Based Approach 


Completed through research grant with Risk RED.

 FULL REPORT (104 pages) available on PreventionWeb.net, resource file 45179

Safer School Construction: Overview (14:09, youtube)

Stage 1: Prepare (13:02, youtube); Stage 2: Plan (10:34, youtube)

Stage 3: Design (14:04, youtube); Stage 4: Construct (12:00, youtube)

Stage 5: Maintain (15:53, youtube)


safer schools, resilient communitiesSafer Schools, Resilience Communities: A Comparative Assessment of School Safety after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Completed through research grant with Risk RED.

 FULL REPORT (38 pages, 10MB)

 SUMMARY (3 pages, 0.5MB)





safer schools, resilient communitiesCascadia Rising: Cascadia Subduction Zone Catastrophic Earthquake and Tsunami Functional Exercise Scenario Document


Cascadia Rising Exercise Scenario document (high resolution)

Cascadia_Rising_low.pdf (low resolution)






Other Publications

Washington Food Vulnerability in Emergencies Study

Tsunami Hazard Zone warning sign

Regional Market Analysis of Food Security and Regional Resilience

Washington Food Vulnerability in Emergencies Study

Tracking Trash: An Analysis of Marine Debris from the Olympic Coast Clean-up

Oregon Earthquake Study

Analysis of Oregon's Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub (report)

Washington State Seismic Policy

Washington State Seismic Mitigation Policy Gap Analysis (report)

Public Preparedness for Disasters

Who Depends Upon You Campaign Assessment (report)


Situation Assessment: Prospects for Urban DRR in Guatemala (working paper)

Report on Earthquake-Induced Landslides, Guatemala City (working paper)

Haiti Social Impacts of the Jan 12 2010 earthquake

Earthquake Spectra Special Issue, October 2011, Vol 27(S1), pp. S447-S462

School Safety and Educational Continuity

School Preparedness: Lessons from California Schools and the 2008 ShakeOut Earthquake Drill (presentation)

Lessons Learned from the Great Southern California ShakeOut (working paper)

2008 ShakeOut School Readiness Final Report (report)

Disasters and the Business Sector

Business Recovery Related to High Frequency Natural Hazard Events (report)

Lewis County Business Sector Preparedness and Flood Impacts from the 2007 Winter Storm (presentation)

Resilient Businesses: How to Make Your Business Disaster Resilient (infosheet)

Post-Disaster Housing

Post-Disaster Temporary Housing Needs (policy brief)

Impediments to Recovery in New Orleans (article)

Food Security

Energy, Agriculture and Food (working paper)

Kenya — Starvation and Food Insecurity in the Land of Plenty (field report)

Issues in Emergency Food Distribution for Whatcom County, WA (report)

Reflections on Agriculture and Food Security, Farm Living and Livelihoods, and Urban-Rural Encroachment:
Whatcom County Agriculture’s Biggest Challenge

Food Security and Sustainability: Ways Forward Through Cooperative Production and Marketing (report)

Food Security and Sustainability: A Crisis of Culture and Policy (report)

Sustainability @ WWU

Timeline of Sustainability Initiatives at WWU and Whatcom Co. (poster)

Timeline of Sustainability Initiatives at WWU and Whatcom Co. (summary)