Sheri Russell

Instructor · She/Her


My 30-year professional career has varied over three phases.  After receiving my law degree, I had a law and mediation practice in Idaho where I also facilitated public hearings on natural resource management plans for the Bureau of Land Management and the US Army Corps of Engineers, taught Environmental Mediation at the University of Idaho, conducted legal research for environmental organizations, was a settlement facilitator for the Idaho State Bar Association, a Board member and trainer for the Idaho Mediation Association, and a co-creator and manager of Idaho's first small claims mediation program.  I then made a major career pivot and was an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) administrator and director at three universities and a large public housing agency, where I managed civil rights compliance, discrimination/harassment/retaliation complaints, training, supervisor coaching and diversity initiatives.

Since moving to Bellingham in 2008, I have a full-time mediation and consulting practice, mediate conflicts for US Department of the Interior agencies, provide workplace EDI, conflict resolution and communication trainings, facilitate workplace retreats/meetings, and teach Environmental Dispute Resolution and Land Use Law courses in the UEPP Department and Collaborative Conflict Resolution in the Leadership Studies Minor.


JD, University of Idaho, College of Law (1994); BA in Justice, Morality and Constitutional Democracy, Michigan State University (1989); Professional Mediator Certification from the Idaho Mediation Association (1996).