Ruth Sofield

Director of Institute of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry; Chair of Environmental Sciences Department; Professor · she/her/hers


I am an environmental toxicology and chemistry Professor from the Environmental Sciences Department at WWU. I have a BA in Biology, MS in Environmental Science, an MS and Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Engineering (Ph.D. research work conducted with the NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research), and a post-doc in radiochemistry. I have mentored >80 undergraduate senior thesis/projects, >150 capstone projects or other significant research experiences, and 17 MS theses (as Chair). My research focuses on bioavailability, freshwater and marine ecotoxicity, and chemistry of environmental contaminants, including metals, PAHs, and Contaminants of Emerging Concern. I am a Marine and Coastal Science (MACS) affiliated faculty and a member of the Puget Sound Partnership Science Panel.

Learn more about my scholarship, teaching, and service at my personal website.