LEAD Staff

Considering an Internship?

Please email us at lead@wwu.edu for additional information regarding internships.

LEAD interns learn to:

  • Recruit and manage volunteers
  • Support and run work parties
  • Identify local native and invasive species
  • Promote a non-profit organization through campus news outlets, social media, and community outreach
  • Connect with other organizations for collaboration and research

Current Staff

Current Co Directors

Ava Stone

Ava sits a a picnic table overlooking a large body of water.


Ava is a second year Environmental Studies graduate student working on her thesis on agroforestry adoption in Washington State.


Brandon McWilliams

Brandon stands in the back of a truck bed filled with green leaves. He is holding a rake.


Brandon is a first year Environmental Studies graduate student working on their thesis on optimistic environmental fiction. 

LEAD Interns

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Previous Staff/Interns

Eva Araujo

Eva stands in the woods in the winter time wearing a green cap, jacket and a backpack.
Environmental Education Intern


Eva is an Environmental Science major, focused on developing an environmental education curriculum for LEAD to use during events and seminars. 

Sofia Quizon

Sophia stands outside in front of blooming cherry trees.
Social Media and Communications Intern


Sofia is a Communications major, who focuses on growing student participation in LEAD projects. She has developed a style guide and posting schedule for LEAD’s social media, as well as gathered photo and video content for LEAD’s social media. 

Máté Pásztor

Mate wears work gloves and a large smile as they use a pair of long handled clippers to trim branches from an overgrown tree.
Web Development and Outreach Intern


Máté is an Environmental Studies major, who is focused on developing the LEAD website and outreach with partner organizations. They helped coordinate and developed copy for this website.

Tegan Keyes

Tegan bundled up outside overlooking a viewpoint of the bay.
Native Plant Intern


Tegan is an Environmental Studies major, who is focused on researching the Miyawaki Method and determining planting methods. She has compiled a list of plants typical to our local forests, researched soil amendment methods, and helped make decisions regarding reforestation methods. 

LEAD Opportunities

LEAD is not currently hiring, but will be looking for one graduate co-director and several undergraduate interns for the 2023-24 school year in September. Openings will be posted here.