Environmental Speaker Series 2016-17

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2016 Speakers

Fall Quarter 2016
Speaker Photo Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Video

9/29/16, 4pm

Alfredo Prieto

"The End of the Earth: Biodiversity, Conservation and Cultural Memory in Patagonia"


10/6/16, 4pm

Julie Hirsch

"Oystertopia: Stewards of the Salish Sea"   (Video)


10/13/16, 4pm

Timothy Ballew, Sr.

"Five Generations of the Salish Sea"


10/20/16, 2:30pm

Charles Marohn

"Strong Towns: Curbside Chat"


10/20/16, 4pm

Ted Carlson

"Bellingham's Transportation Successes and Challenges"





10/27/16, 4pm

Joel Swisher

"Modern, Clean Energy: Entry to the 20th Century and Survival for the 21st Century"


11/3/16, 4pm

Rachel Vasak

"Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association's Salmon Recovery Efforts"


11/10/16, 4pm

Lorna & Darrell Smith

"Lions & Bears & Wolves: The Status of Large Charismatic Carnivores in Washington State"


11/17/16, 4pm

Jim Meacham

"Visualizing the Complexities of Wildlife Migration: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Ungulates"



12/1/16, 4pm

David Shull

"Cycling of Carbon and Nutrients in the Bering Sea Sediments"



2017 Speakers

Winter Quarter 2017
Speaker Photo Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Video




1/12/17, 4pm

Jenise Bauman

"Interactions between beneficial ectomycorrhizal fungi and chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) on American chestnut (Castanea dentata) used in coal mine reclamation"





1/19/17, 4pm

Chris Greacen

"Renewable Energy Mini-Grids in Myanmar"





1/26/17, 4pm

Denise DeLuca

"Re-Aligning with Nature: Ecological Thinking for Radical Innovation"





2/2/17, 4pm

Huxley Career Panel

Derek Koellmann, Anchor QEA

Christine Woodward, Samish Nation Tribal Government

Rose Lathrop, Sustainable Connections

Bill Way, The Watershed Company





2/9/17, 4pm

Jim Lazar

"Teaching the Duck to Fly:  Ten Strategies to Enable A High Reliance on Wind and Solar Energy for Electricity"

CANCELED due to Campus Closure





2/16/17, 4pm

Christine Biermann

"Securing Forests from the Scourge of Blight: Nature, Nation, and the American Chestnut"





Thursday, 2/23/17, 4pm

Jon Riedel

"Blue Ice: Photographic and Scientific Evidence of the Recent Loss of Glaciers in Washington's National Parks"


Profile of Tzeporah Berman in red shirt

3/3/17, 5:30

Tzeporah Berman

This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge

Keynote Speaker for Western Division Canadian Association of Geographers (WDCAG) Conference





Thursday, 3/9/17, 4pm

Dana Wilson

The Salish Sea (Traditional Territory of the Lummi Nation)

Winter 2017 Salish Sea Speaker



Spring Quarter 2017
Speaker photo Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Location

Thursday, 4/6/17, 4pm

Bill Moyer

"Solutionary Rail: A People-Powered Campaign to Electrify America's Railroads and Open Corridors to a Clean Energy Future"

MH 138

Thursday, 4/13/17, 4pm

Peter Robinson

The Future of Environmentalism

MH 138

Thursday, 4/20/17, 4pm

Mitch Thomashow

The Future of Environmental Learning

MH 138

Thursday, 4/27/17, 4pm

George Lakey

Climate Action and the Struggle for Economic Justice

MH 138

Thursday, 5/4/17, 4pm

Kate Troll

The Great Unconformity

MH 138


Thursday, 5/11/17, 12-2:00 pm

Jay Julius (Salish Sea Speaker) #TreatyWin: Reflections on Lummi Nation's Fight to Protect Xwe'ChieXen (Cherry Point) Northwest Indian College Cultural Learning Center (Log Building #11)

Thursday, 5/11/17, 4pm

Misty Peacock

Blurred Lines: Multiple Freshwater and Marine Algal Toxins at the Land-Sea Interface

MH 138

Thursday, 5/18/17, 4pm

Denise Atwood & Ric Conner

Conscious Connections Foundation: Earthquake Relief in Nepal

MH 138

Thursday, 5/25/17, 4pm

Kimberly Larson

Climate Solutions (TBA)

MH 138

Thursday, 6/1/17, 4pm

Sylvia Yang

WWU's SEA Discovery Center (TBA)

MH 138



See Also: This year's (current) Speaker Series Schedule

See Also: Other years, via the Speaker Series Archives