Environmental Speaker Series 2013-14

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For 2013,the theme for the Speaker Series was water: resource management, climate change, conservation strategies, pollution prevention, and economics, to name a few of the specific topics our speakers addressed.

Huxley also partnered with the Western Reads program, which hosted Nancy Lord, author of Early Warming: Crisis and Response in the Climate-Changed North, on February 6th, 2014. Environmentalist Bill McKibben also spoke on campus in a separate Western Reads/Huxley College event on May 17, 2014.

2013-14 Schedule

Fall Quarter 2013

  Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Location


10/3/13, 4pm Hart Hodges, WWU

“Issues in Water Resource Management”

CF 105


10/10/13, 4pm

Chuck Antholt, WWU

“Food and Water: Around the World, in the US, and in Whatcom County”

CF 105


10/17/13, 4pm

Gabor Zovanyi, EWU

“The No Growth Imperative: Creating Sustainable Communities Under Ecological Limits to Growth”

CF 105


10/24/13, 4pm

Lee First, RE Sources

“Our Water: Exploring the Streams, Rivers, and Marine Shorelines of Whatcom and Skagit Counties”

CF 105


10/31/13, 4pm

David Roberts, Kulshan Services

"Modern Marine Management: The Challenge of Meeting Conflicting Needs"

CF 105

11/7/13, 4pm

Robyn du Pres, NSMCF

“Citizen Engagement in Marine Conservation”

CF 105

11/14/13, 4pm

Rob Peña, U-W

“The Integrated Design Lab: On the Bullitt Center” AW 204

11/21/13, 4pm

Robin Matthews, WWU

"Lake Whatcom Water Quality: What's Happening in My Lake?"

CF 105

12/5/13, 4pm

Jean Melious, WWU "Water and Growth in Whatcom County"

CF 105


Winter Quarter 2014

  Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Location


1/16/14, 4pm

Jill MacIntyre Witt

"Climate Reality and Divestment"

CF 125


1/22/14, 5pm

David Maisel

"Black Maps: American Landscape and the Apocalyptic Sublime"

AW 210


1/23/14, 4pm

Emma Norman

"Indigenous Coalition Building and Transboundary Water Governance"

CF 125


1/30/14, 4pm

Yoram Bauman

“The Stand-Up Economist: How Carbon Taxes Can Save the World”

CF 125

2/6/14, 4pm

Terrance Meyer

"The Story of the Spectacular Failure of Wind Power in Whatcom County"

CF 110

2/20/14, 4pm

Fuzhan Nasiri

"Integrating Renewable Heat into Non-Domestic Buildings: The Case of Biomass Boilers"

CF 125

2/27/14, 4pm

Alex Ramel

"Achieving Massive Energy Efficiency"

CF 125

3/6/14, 4pm

Mike Warner

"Projected Changes in North American Atmospheric Rivers Due to Climate Change"

CF 125

3/13/14, 4pm

John Rybczyk

"Ecosystem restoration and rising seas: Lessons from the Red Queen"

CF 125

Spring Quarter 2014

  Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Location

4/3/14, 4pm

M. Schneider-Mayerson

"Taking Energy and Environmental Crises Seriously"

ES 100

4/10/14, 4pm

James Meadows

"Designing Buildings toward a Healthier Indoor Microbiome"

ES 100

4/17/14, 4pm

Naomi Oreskes

Western Reads: Author of Merchant of Doubt


4/24/14, 4pm

Dr. Bernie Housen

"Magnetic Properties of Tree Leaves Reveal Pollution Patterns in Bellingham"

ES 100

5/1/14, 4pm

Vicki Robin

"The Structure of Belonging: Building a Relational Food Web"

ES 100

5/8/14, 4pm

Carl Weimer

"Keystone and Other Pipelines You've Never Heard of--How Safe is Safe?"

ES 100

5/15/14, 4pm

Gregory Fiske

"Extreme Home Efficiency and the Economized Ranch House"

ES 100

5/22/14, 4pm

Lee First

"Bellingham Bay Cleanup Sites:  History, Contamination, and Opportunities for Involvement"

ES 100

5/29/14, 4pm

Darby Cowles

"Community Engagement in the Downtown Plan"

ES 100

See Also: This year's (current) Speaker Series Schedule

See Also: Other years, via the Speaker Series Archives.