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Title: Endocrine disrupting chemicals and women's reproductive health: Applying an Environmental Justice Framework to Epidemiologic Studies

In this talk, Dr. James-Todd will present epidemiologic studies evaluating the evidence of environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals on women's reproductive health outcomes. She will provide an environmental justice framework to the epidemiologic evidence, highlighting the critical role of exposure assessment and understanding of health disparities across a number of environmental exposures and adverse reproductive health outcomes. Examples will include personal care products, phthalates, gestational diabetes, and acculturation measures. In addition, she will pose the importance of asking solution-oriented research questions for reduction of environmental health disparities and the improvement of health equity.

About the Speaker: Tamarra Todd, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Tamarra James-Todd is an environmental reproductive epidemiologist researching the role of environmental chemicals on women’s cardiometabolic health across the reproductive lifecourse. She directs the Environmental Reproductive Justice (ERJ) Lab, which seeks to investigate and improve adverse environmental exposure and reproductive health disparities. Her work particularly focuses on the importance of pregnancy as a sensitive window of environmental chemical exposures. Dr. James-Todd is the Principal Investigator of two NIEHS funded R01 grants, focusing on endocrine disrupting chemicals and adverse maternal health outcomes during pregnancy, postpartum and mid-life in the ERGO study and Project Viva. Dr. James-Todd serves as the Principal Investigator for the Community Engagement Core of the Metals and Metal Mixtures: Cognitive Aging, Remediation, and Exposure Sources (MEMCARE) P42 Superfund Research Center. In addition, she is running interventions to improve environmental health literacy both in the lay community, as well as among health care professionals. Dr. James-Todd is also the Director of the Organics Core for the Harvard Chan NIEHS Center, where she launched the Environmental Justice Bootcamp in collaboration with two other NIEHS-funded P30 Centers. She has had the honor of serving on the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board for the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee, as well as two National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s committees and the March of Dimes Environmental Justice Working Group.

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