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Teresa McGrath

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Title: Intersection between building materials, toxics, and climate change. 

Who would win in a tug of war? Team safer materials or team low carbon products? What if, instead of competing, these two powerhouses worked together? In our upcoming webinar, attendees will hear from experts about the key drivers of material health and embodied carbon using flooring products (carpet and resilient flooring) and drywall products as examples. We will translate those drivers into actionable guidance for project teams to select healthy, low carbon products.

About the Speaker: Teresa McGrath, Healthy Building Network (HBN)

Teresa McGrath, Chief Research Officer, leads HBN’s Research and Education strategies. With prior experience in government, NGO and industry, she brings a wealth of holistic knowledge and multi-sector experience to our team. Teresa led the Chemical Management Program for Sherwin-Williams, the largest paints and coatings company in the world, where she focused on hazards reduction and transparency, and assisted business units in meeting sustainability and green chemistry goals. She also spent nine years as the Senior Managing Toxicologist at NSF International’s Green Chemistry Programs, and two years at the Environmental Protection Agency in the Design for the Environment (DfE) Branch of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT). Learn more about the Healthy Building Network


A recording of this presentation is available. 


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