See the Forest through the point clouds: Lidar applications for ecology.

The use of lidar has become a key tool in quantifying important ecological characteristics of forests. Landscape-level airborne lidar acquisitions initially allowed for a level of forest inventory previously impossible. Now with multiple repeat lidar acquisitions over large areas, we are able to model important elements of change such as increases or decreases in biomass and carbon sequestration. Such fine-scale characterizations of the forest allow for the identification of areas that are important for conservation. Where are the biggest trees? How are the trees doing? Where does the forest structure meet important habitat criteria for threatened species? These are all questions that we can get at using lidar, both airborne and terrestrial.

Post talk, there will be an option for attendees to pose for a group terrestrial lidar portrait. 

About the Speaker

Jonathan hiking in a burnt forest in the snow
Jonathan Batchelor
Phd candidate & Geospatial Sciences instructor at UW, WWU, & Evergreen

Jonathan (they/them) is a Remote Sensing Geek who dabbles in fire ecology, wildlife habitat characterizations, and restoration processes.

They are a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington in the Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Lab under Dr. L Monika Moskal.

Jonathan specializes in fine-scale remote sensing technologies such as drone-based digital aerial photogrammetry and terrestrial lidar. Trees, Drones, and lidar points galore! Current projects are using fine-scale remote sensing techniques to increase landscape-level characterization of vegetation structure regarding fire effects and habitat modeling. These processes involve taking characterizations of forest structure from field-sampled remote sensing techniques and upscaling them to a landscape level using aerial lidar, aerial imagery, and satellite imagery.

Jonathan currently teaches classes on geospatial analysis at the University of Washington, Western Washington University, and Evergreen State College. 

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