The Salish Sea Map: How Cartography Contributes to Geography (The Adoption of the Name Salish Sea)

Stefan Freelan

Start Time & Date

Start Time & Date

Maps help us to better understand our environment. They also serve political and cultural agendas. The Salish Sea map was created both as an educational aid and as a part of the naming campaign. In this talk Stefan will explore the choices and creative process that went into the creation of the map, why the map is the way it is and how it’s different from other maps of the area, and how the map contributed to the name adoption process at both the grassroots and governmental levels.

Headshot of Stefan Freelan

Cartographer and geographer Stefan Freelan will discuss ways that cartography helps to define geography. As a case study, he will present the role that his map, The Salish Sea and Surrounding Basin, played in the process of the “Salish Sea” becoming recognized as an official geographic name.

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