How to Plant One Million Trees in 5 Years or Less

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When King County finalized the 2015 Strategic Climate Action Plan, it was focused on some very ambitious goals to reduce Green House Gas emissions, and prepare our region for the impacts of climate change. One of those goals was to plant one million trees in five years. This is a daunting task for any organization to tackle, but strong partnerships and a region focused on climate action, proved that just about anything is possible. Over 100 partners came together to exceed this goal, and do it a year early. There were plenty of challenges along the way, but we succeeded and developed lasting relationships with amazing partners in the process.

About the Speaker

Photo of Jessica Engel
Jessica Engel

Jessica Engel is a Water Quality Planner for King County's Stormwater Services Section. Jessica has spent the past 12 years of her career focused on improving water quality and preparing communities for climate change impacts. Jessica focuses on partnership development and community engagement to build successful programs that lead to improved environmental outcomes. Her passion for this work started on south end of Chicago, where she grew up, dreaming of easier access to the outdoors.

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