tut Pro: Hatching

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Hatching in ArcGIS Pro

To create hatching symbology:

  • Select a polygon layer in the Map Contents
  • Right-click on the layer and choose Symbology
  • In the Symbology pane:
    • Choose the type of Symbology (typically Unique Values or Single Symbol for hatching)
    • For Unique Values choose the Value Field
  • Click on the colored rectangle to Format Symbol
    • In the Format Polygon Symbol pane:
      • Choose the Properties tab
      • Choose the Layers sub-tab
      • Optionally uncheck the box for Line stroke visibility (to turn the polygon outline off) if desired
      • In the fill type drop-down list choose Hatched Fill
        • Expand the Appearance section to specify Line Symbol, Color, and Line Width
        • Expand the Pattern section to specify Angle, Separation, and Offset
      • Click Apply