Spatial Data Links

This page is by no means a comprehensive or current listing. These are simply some of the pages that have been useful in the past. Individuals are encouraged to make use of Google and/or GIS warehouses that list (presumably more current) online spatial data resources (see Web Portals below).

Note that many of the main spatial data layers from these sources have already been downloaded and are stored on the Huxley Spatial Data Servers (J:\GEO\GEO_data) - so you might check there first...

ArcGIS Resources

ESRI's ArcGIS Online Resource Center

ArcGIS Online Data Sharing/Search

ArcGIS Online Content (basemap data): Basemaps and data that you can open in ArcMap, either as an .mxd or as a layer to add to your .mxd.

City of Bellingham

GIS (Planning Department, Public Works)

Parks & Recreation

COB GIS Data (shapefiles in Self-extracting zip files)

COB Air Photos (color 1997)

USGS Air Photos (BW 1998)

Misc COB Maps (Zoning, Neighborhoods, Shoreline, Lake Whatcom, etc.)

Misc Urban Growth Links compiled for the EGEO-314 class

Whatcom County Web Resources

Planning Department GIS




Parcel Lookup

Public Works:  Water Resources

Lake Whatcom

Lake Whatcom Mgmt Program

Other Counties

Skagit County GIS

Mt. Vernon GIS

San Juan County GIS

Snohomish County GIS

Pierce County GIS

King County GIS

Thurston County GIS

Washington State GIS Agencies/Providers

Washington State Geospatial Data Archive (WAGDA)

Washington Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

UW Raster Data (DEMs, DRGs, DOQs, etc)

UW Vector Data

Department of Health GIS

Department of Natural Resources GIS

Department of Revenue GIS

Department of Transportation GIS: roads, railroads, ferrys, shoreline, cities, etc

Office of Financial Management GIS

Department of Ecology   


DOE Shoreline Photos (oblique)

Coastal Atals

Department of Fish and Wildlife

MPA Data

Interactive Mapping

PHS Data/Maps

Other States and Areas

Oregon State Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Oregon Dept. of Forestry GIS

Oregon State University

Idaho Dept. of Water Resources GIS/RS

Alaska State Geo-Spatial Data Clearinghouse

Regional Ecosystem Office (NW Forestry)

Interior Columbia Basin Management Project (ICBEMP) GIS Data

State Data Centers and Clearinghouses

US Forest Service

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Okanogan National Forest GIS

Miscellaneous USA Data Sites on the Web

Bureau of Land Management GIS

US Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Data Clearinghouse


U.S. Department of the Interior

US Forest Service

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Environmental Protection Agency


EnviroFacts Data Warehouse

MRLC (Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics)

BASINS (GIS tools)

NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration)

EOS (Earth Observing System)

Landsat 7

NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)

Coastal Data & Synthesis System

GLOBE (Global Land One-km Base Elevation) Project

National Climate Data Center

National Geophysical Data Center

National Weather Service

Topographic Images

National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) 3 Arc-Second Coastal Relief Model (land-water)

Shoreline Data Explorer

Free RNC (Raster Nautical Charts) - (these are scanned NOAA charts, stored as .KAP files that work with ArcGIS)

Census Data

Census (see also Spatial Web Links)

TIGER Map Server

Boundary Files


National Historical GIS (Historical Census Data)

Zip-code level Census data

USGS Data (see USGS Help)

Global Datasets

Visible Earth (Pacific NW)

Seamless Data

Libre Map Project - DRG's and Maps by State

USGS Global Datasets

Washington DEMs (UW)


DRG's (County Mosaics of USGS Topo Quads)

Ortho Air Photo Imagery (USGS DOQ's and NAIP 2006)

DEM / Elevation Data available on the Web

The best source for Washington DEMs is the U-W site

DEM's are also available from:

Washington State Geospatial Data

Oregon Elevation Data

GeoCommunity Data Depot

USGS 1:250,000 and 7.5 Minute Series


Puget Sound LIDAR Consortium

Global DEMs

NOAA GLOBE (30" - 0.5 minute - approx. 1 Km)

GTOPO30 (Global 30" Seconds - 0.5 minute - approx. 1 km)

SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - 30" seconds - 0.5 minute - approx 1 km) (same resolution as GTOPO30 but considered to be more accurate - info)

SRTM (Version 4 - latest version)

SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission - 1 arc second for USA, 3 arc seconds elsewhere) (approx 30 m. and 90 m. respectively)

SRTM30 Plus (SRTM Land data + Ocean Bathymetry)

CleanTopo2 (a cartographically 'cleaned' up version of the SRTM30 dataset)

ETOPO2v2 (2 Minute Gridded Global Relief Data - June 2006) - DEM + Bathymetry (Oceans + Lakes)

DEM Data Catalog

Bathymetry Data

Natural Earth



Puget Sound Elevation/Bathymetry (30 m)

National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) 3 Arc-Second Coastal Relief Model (land-water)

Earthquake Data

USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

USGS National Earthquake Information Center

Worldwide Earthquake Locator

UW ESS (Earth & Space Sciences)

PNSN-Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (Earthquake data)

Geology Data


USGS Geologic Map Database

Soils Data

USDA NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service)

NRCS Soils

SSURGO (Soil Survey Geographic Database)

Canadian Web Resources

GeoGratis  (Natural Resources Canada)

GeoBase (DEMs, Roads, Boundaries, etc.)

Natural Resources Canada

GeoBC: BC's Geographic Gateway

Protected Area Survey

BC Environment GIS data ftp site

LandData BC

Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management

Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

BC Watershed Atlas

Geological Survey of Canada


Geography Network Canada

Integrated Land Mgmt Bureau

City of Vancouver

Canadian Maps & Data

The Atlas of Canada

BC Map Place

Canada Info Maps

Historical / Archival Data

T-Sheets (Topographical Survey Charts from the 1800's of the Puget Sound area)

Puget Sound River History Project (1850-90 GLO land survey maps, 1930-40 Air Photos, T-Sheets)

National Historical GIS

Remote Sensing Data

(see also Dr. Wallin's List of RS Links)

Digital Globe (Quick Bird)

GeoEye (Space Imaging / OrbImage)



Landsat (circa 1990/2000)

EarthNow (Landsat Viewer)

Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics (MRLC)



Satellite Imaging Corporation

Image Gallery

Miscellaneous Global Data Web Resources

Natural Earth (global shapefiles and raster data for physical and cultural features)


United Nations

Statistics Division

Division of Early Warning and Assessment

United Nations Environment Programme

Arctic Environmental Atlas

Greenhouse Gasses

Misc. Web Sources of Data (Clearinghouses, Geo-Portals, Data Distributors, etc.)

Geospatial One-Stop (Federal Gov't, part of -

GIS DataDepot

GeoCommunity Data

Geography Network

Directions Data Center

Washington Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

Cornell Digital Data

InfoRain (NW North America GIS datasets)

UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program)

CEISIN (Center for International Earth Science Information Network - Columbia University)

TerraFly - Air Photos

Terraserver (MSN) - Air Photos & Topo maps

Links to more GIS Data Sources

UC Berkley: Global GIS Resources

UC Berkley: USA State and Local GIS Resources


UA CAST - International Data

UA CAST - Commercial ($) Data

Spatial Data Resources

Geospatial (GIS) Data Search (Google)

Spatial Data Converters (between different data formats)