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Web maps created by WWU Students for various classes...

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It's Not Evergreen for Everyone:
A review and geospatial analysis of contaminated sites in Washington State

Drew Lindsey, Nyla Thursday, 2018
Science Managment and Outreach of Contaminated Sites, Spring 2018
WWU Environmental Studies capstone course, funded by WA Dept. of Ecology


Flood Awareness and Resources:
A community Interactive Tool

Nyla Thursday, 2018
City of Stanwood
WWU's Sustainable Communities Partnership program


Identifying Sources of Nitrogen in Bellingham Bay, Washington

Everitt Merritt, 2018


Sandhill Crane

Kate Rayner Fried, 2018
Redfish School of Change


Art & Music in the Salish Sea:
Creative expression for social change

Noelle, Johanna, Braedan, 2017
Redfish School of Change


At Home in the Salish Sea:
Diversity of Belonging

Megan Dewer, Anya Henning, Raichle Mackinnon Dunkeld, Jessie Paterson, 2018
Redfish School of Change


Tourism, Industry, & Residents:
Traveling, Staying, and Playing within the Salish Sea

Sophia Bullock, Alexii Sigona, Thomas Cinnamon, Mackenzie Spurgeon, 2018
Redfish School of Change