Cathy Reidy Liermann



I am an ecohydrologist exploring human dependencies and effects on freshwater systems. I collaborate on multiple research efforts, as well as teach and advise for Western Washington University's College of the Environment.

My global research focuses on sustaining freshwater goods and services under an ever-increasing human demand, in particular examining the roles of dams and inland fishing. I'm interested in the intersection of freshwater conservation and WASH science and policies within the international aid arena. More locally, my efforts have centered on instream flows, including hydrologic classification, climate change modeling and applied water conservation planning.


PhD, Umeå University; MS, University of Washington; BMusic, Boston University

Research Interests

•Freshwater conservation science
•Ecological effects of flow regulation and channel fragmentation
•Interactions between inland fishing, human dependency and freshwater ecology
•Hydrological classification
•Environmental flow analysis
•Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


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Teaching Schedule

Fall Winter Spring

ENVS 319 Research and Writing

ESCI 361 Water Quality (odd years) ESCI 429 Stream Ecology (odd years)

ENVS 302 Navigating Environmental Studies

ENVS 326 Climatology (odd years)

ESCI 328 Ecosystem Management (even years)

ESCI/ENVS 498 Senior Research Seminar ESCI 392 Intro to Climate Change (even years)