April Markiewicz



MS Environmental Toxicology, Western Washington University; BS Fish & Wildlife Management, Michigan State University

Research Interests

Ms. Markiewicz's research interests include aquatic and stream ecology with emphasis in community- and ecosystem-level interactions, ecotoxicological effects, chemical partitioning, sediment quality criteria, and microbial degradative processes. Research activities have involved conducting site-specific nutrient, metals, and pesticide analyses and performing aquatic, sediment, and wastewater effluent toxicological bioassays. Recent research projects have involved laboratory and outdoor microcosm experiments to investigate potential direct and indirect ecotoxicological effects and biodegradation rates of jet fuels released to aquatic environments. Other recent research activities have involved statistically analyzing Whole Effluent Toxicity data including TIE, effluent flow, and composition data to identify sources of toxicity. 

Teaching Schedule

ESCI 457: MW 1:00-4:50