Environmental Studies Department Changes in Fall 2021

Big changes are coming to Environmental Studies!

Starting in Fall 2021, the current department will become two departments: The Environmental Studies Department (ENVS) and the Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy Department (UEPP). This division is driven by a united goal of serving all students better; it will ensure that the urban planning program can better meet accreditation standards and it ensures both departments can adapt curriculum to better fit student needs and interests.

As part of this division, these two new departments will be opening up new majors available to all students Fall 2021. Students may apply for these majors in the Fall. Current Environmental Studies majors may choose to stay in their existing major until they graduate or declare under one of the new majors in either department.


Where will these new departments be physically located?

Both departments will continue to be located in Arntzen Hall. Arntzen Hall 217 will be a central hub, housing the administrative offices of both new department offices.

Who will my faculty advisor be?

If you remain with your current major, your adviser will not change, regardless of your major or the department in which your faculty adviser will be associated. If you switch to a new major, your adviser may change.

Where are the faculty going?

About half of the current Environmental Studies faculty will move to the UEPP department and the other half will stay in the Environmental Studies department. Faculty office location will not change.

Click below for information specific to your major:

New departments and majors beginning Fall 2021 are outlined below:

Environmental Studies (ENVS)

Core Faculty

  • Dr. Andy Bach
  • Dr. Gigi Berardi
  • Dr. Patrick Buckley
  • Dr. Kate Darby
  • Dr. Aquila Flower
  • Dr. Nini Hayes
  • Dr. Michael Medler
  • Dr. Gene Myers
  • Dr. Mark Neff
  • Dr. Rebekah Paci-Green
  • Dr. David Rossiter
  • Dr. Nick Stanger

Degree Programs

Core Undergraduate Major

  • Environmental Studies, BA
    • Emphasis in:
      •       Education &Eco-Social Justice*
      •       Policy*
      •       General*
      •       Geography*
      •       Geographic Information Science (GIS) New!
      •       Justice & Community Resilience New!

*Emphasis similar to a past major

Other Available Undergraduate Majors

  • Geography/Social Studies, BA
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BA
  • Environmental Studies – Elementary, BAE
  • Geography – Elementary, BAE
  • Environmental Studies/Journalism, BA
  • Business and Sustainability, BA
  • Economics/Environmental Studies, BA

College of the Environment Extension Majors**

  • Environmental Studies, BA
    • Emphasis in:
      •        Environmental Policy
      •        Environmental Science New!
      •        Geographic Information Science (GIS) New!

**Peninsulas students will now have three options for emphasis, greatly expanding student choice

Undergraduate Minors

  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Geography


  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Graduate Degrees

  • Environmental Education, non-Thesis, MEd
  • Environmental Education, Thesis, MEd
  • Environmental Studies, MA


Department of Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy (UEPP)

Core Faculty

  • Dr. Troy Abel
  • Dr. Gigi Berardi
  • Dr. Nabil Kamel
  • Dr. Steve Hollenhorst
  • Dr. Tammi Laninga
  • Dr. Jean Melious*
  • Dr. James Miller
  • Dr. Paul Stangl
  • Dr. Grace Wang
  • Dr. Nicholas Zaferatos

*2021-2023, College of the Environment Dean

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Majors

  • Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, BA
    • Emphasis in:
      •   Geospatial Analysis
      •   Hazards Planning
      •   Student/Faculty Design
      •   Approved Minor
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BA
  • Urban Sustainability, BA New!

Undergraduate Minors

  • Sustainable Design
  • Sustainability Studies       

Graduate Degrees

AY2021-2022, graduate students interested in a MA may apply for admissions under the Environmental Studies Department. They may select UEPP faculty as their adviser and will take courses in an urban planning emphasis. Their degree will be Environmental Studies, MA and be issued from the Environmental Studies department