Dean’s Fund for Sustainability Studies Application Process & Award Criteria

Effective July 1, 2013

The Dean’s Fund for Sustainability was established to support scholarly projects or activities that focus on sustainability. Awards from this fund can be used to offset a wide variety of costs including registration fees and travel expenses to attend conferences, professional meetings or competitions. The dean’s office will determine the amount of funds available at the beginning of the academic year and inform each department of their allocated amount. The College of the Environment – Salish Sea Region program will also be given an allocation. Awards will be made according to the following process:

Application Process

  • Individuals or groups wishing to apply for funds must submit a one-page letter of request to their department chair or program manager. Letters of request must include the following:

    • Brief description of the project/activity and how it relates to the study of sustainability.
    • Brief statement of financial need or how the award will help leverage other funds.
    • Requests must be accompanied by the name and contact information for each potential recipient. Students must include permanent phone number and permanent email address. For group requests, contact information is needed for all participants.

Department chair, staff member’s supervisor or academic liaison for the College of the Environment – Salish Sea Region will review and approve requests based on the following criteria:

Award Criteria

  • Recipients must be College of the Environment students, staff, or faculty in good standing.
  • Proposed projects must add substantial value to academic experience, scholarly research, or provide unique opportunities for professional development.
  • Projects recommended for funding should represent a diverse range of activities and serve as a good representation of the variety of “sustainability studies” taking place within the department or college.
  • Individuals may receive up $500 per academic year.
  • Groups may receive up to $1,000 per academic year.

Award Recipient Responsibilities

  • Travelers must initiate Travel Authorization form which needs to be completed prior to departure.
  • Award recipients must provide documentation of qualifying expenses prior to receiving reimbursement.
  • Recipients are strongly encourage to provide pictures of projects and activities.
  • Award recipients must make reasonable efforts to attend the annual luncheon with the fund donors to discuss their project, activity or experience.

Accessing and Managing Funds

  • The Dean’s Fund for Sustainability Studies is a WWU Foundation account that is managed by the dean’s office.
  • To process awards, departments will complete the appropriate expense reimbursement forms for each recipient. The forms will then be submitted to the dean’s office for budget coding and authorization. Reimbursement will be issued directly to recipients.
  • Each department will be required to track their allocations and provide a copy to the dean’s assistant.