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Title: A Scientific Strategy towards a Healthier World: Science + Communication + Decision Makers = Positive Change

Arlene Blum, working with the Green Science Policy Institute, has contributed to protecting human and environmental health from harmful chemicals in everyday products worldwide.  This includes reducing the unnecessary use of flame retardants in furniture, baby products, and electronic cases as well as fluorinated  chemicals (PFAS)in carpets and food packaging.

The Institute’s initiates innovative scientific research, communicates the results widely, sharing with decision makers in business and government. During Blum’s illustrated talk, she will tell some of her favorite stories; discuss scientific strategies for positive change; and how to increase the impact of scientific research papers.  

About the Speaker: Arlene Blum 

Arlene Blum PhD, biophysical chemist, author, and mountaineer is a Research Associate in Chemistry at UC Berkeley and executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute. The Institute’s scientific research and policy work with government and business has contributed to preventing the use of harmful chemicals including flame retardants and PFAS in children's sleepwear, furniture, electronics, and other products world-wide.

Arlene Blum led the first American—and all-women’s—ascent of Annapurna I, considered one of the world’s most dangerous and difficult mountains, co-led the first women’s team to climb Denali; completed the Great Himalayan Traverse across the mountain regions of Bhutan, Nepal, and India; and hiked the length of the European Alps with her baby daughter on her back. She is the author of Annapurna: A Woman’s Place and Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life. More information at and

A recording of Arlene's talk is available here.


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