College of the Environment 50th Anniversary Scholarship

College graduation rates for low-income and underserved students are 20 percentage points lower than the rest of the population. Here at the College of the Environment, we believe it is critical we fix this “opportunity gap.” This is why the College of the Environment has made need-based admissions scholarships it’s #1 fundraising goal. As a sign of this commitment, last year the College re-purposed eight existing scholarships into need-based, multi-year admissions scholarships for deserving students who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend Western Washington University and study at the College of the Environment. Going forward, we hope to create many more such scholarships.

While the criteria for receiving an admissions scholarship may vary somewhat according to the intent of the donor, the scholarships are intended to support incoming students from underserved populations who plan to major in one of the College of the Environment’s degree programs, and who have significant financial need. Admissions scholarships may be renewed for up to four years for incoming freshman, or two years for transfer students, so long as the student remains in good academic standing and is making progress toward a College of the Environment pre-major or major.

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