SAL Links

Spatial Analysis Lab Links

GIS Links: Assorted GIS-related links, including dictionaries, lists of acronyms, and other GIS and ArcGIS resources.

GIS Jobs/Web Postings: Online job resources for GIS specialists, including internships, local and regional listings.

GPS Links: GPS equipment, software, workshops, ephemeris data and data sources.

Remote Sensing Links: Remote Sensing information, software, tutorials, and data.

ESRI & Other Software: ESRI makes ArcGIS Desktop (including ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox), ArcGIS Server, and related programs, which are the main GIS software used on WWU campus.

Web Magazines/Portals: A variety of GIS-related online magazines, newsletters, and other web portals.

Northwest Wa GIS User Group (NWWaGIS): The Northwest Washington GIS User Group meets quarterly.

Local / Regional Agencies (sources of GIS data, maps, etc.): Local Government, training opportunities, map collections

WWU Campus Map (a Spatial Institute Project)