Remote Sensing Links

See also: Dr. Wallin's List of RS Links

See also: Remote Sensing classes at WWU

RS Software

  • ENVI
  • ESRI (ArcGIS, the Spatial Analyst extension and Leicia's Image Analysis extension)
  • Fusion (LIDAR viewing and analysis software)
  • Spring

Notes on Obtaining Software

  • ENVI has a Student Edition (1 year, nonrenewable). See their web site for information.
  • Fusion is a free software that can be downloaded from the USDA Forest Service.
  • Spring is a free software that can be downloaded from Brazil's National Institute for Space Research.
  • ESRI see notes on obtaining Free Student Evaluation copy of ArcGIS.


Dr. Wallin's notes on converting PCI .pix files to Erdas .img files

Dr. Wallin's notes on importing raw Landsat data into ERDAS

Dr. Wallin's notes on creating a subset out of an ERDAS image file

ERDAS (Follow 'Register for Class' and 'TutorOnline' links - you will need to create a user login-profile to take these courses)

NASA's Remote Sensing Tutorial

Dr. Nicholas Short's RS Tutorial (NASA)

Natural Resources Canada's Remote Sensing Tutorials

CSIRO Remote Sensing and Image Integration Tutorial

Science NetLinks Intro to RS

Randy Keller's RS Guides

Hyperspectral Reflectance & Ecology

ENVI Tutorial

Fundamentals of RS

RS Tutorial

U of NH: Working w/RS Images

Introduction to RS  - Radar Geometry


NEODC Remote Sensing Tutorial

Principles of remote sensing

Professional On-Line courses

Professional Tutorials (GIS, RS, GPS) links

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Principles

Remote Sensing Tutorial

Remote Sensing tutorial

Remote Sensing: Tutorials

Remote Sensing Resources

Remote Sensing Tutorials

AMNH List of RS Tutorials and Resources

Web Magazines / Portals

American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Online

Links (Misc.)

Dr. Wallin's List of RS Links

National Landcover Institute (USGS)


Space Imaging

GIS & RS Links

List of links for Commercial Sources of Aerial/Satellite Imagery:

Online Viewers

Links (Govt.)

NASA EOS (Earth Observing System)

NASA World Wind software

Earth Observatory (NASA)

Links for Remote Sensing Data

See main Spatial Data page

See also Dr. Wallin's List of RS Links