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NW Wa. Base Stations (Differential Correction)

Skagit County Community Base Station (download .SSF files for easiest use with Pathfinder)

Note: For Whatcom County GPS Skagit County Provides the closest base station. They also provide a 5 second sampling rate (better for differential correction). They provide hourly files, but only maintain files for the last ONE MONTH.

NOAA CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) use Standard Download. For Whatcom County, typically use: WA, Whidbey Island WHD1 - RINEX Files.

Note: NOAA CORS sites have sampling rates of 1-30 seconds (1 being the best). Whidbey Island is 30 seconds (not the best). Files are posted hourly, with 24 hour files posted daily (at the end of the UTC day). A historical archive of files is maintained.

Software Links

Trimble - GeoExplorer, GeoXT, XR, Pathfinder

Garmin - Download Garmin User Manuals: Common Units

  •      User Manual for GPSmap 66sr
  •      User Manual for GPSmap-60 (also stored on J:\Sal_info\tut_GPS)
  •      Quick-Start Guide for GPSmap-60 (also stored on J:\Sal_info\tut_GPS)




GPS World's Almanac (current satellite configurations for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, etc.)