ArcGIS Pro Off-Campus

 (Installing ArcGIS Pro on a Personal Computer)

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Using ArcGIS Pro on a Personal Computer

(If you are on campus and using a WWU computer contact your IT staff to install ArcGIS PRO)

To download / install / use ArcGIS PRO on a Personal Computer you need to:

  1. Have a Windows computer (see notes on hardware requirements and Mac)
  2. Have a WWU ArcGIS Online user account
  3. Download the ArcGIS Pro software
  4. Install the ArcGIS Pro software (with notes on hardware requirements)
  5. Open ArcGIS Pro using your WWU ArcGIS Online user account


1. Have a Personal Computer

ArcGIS Pro is a Windows program (there is not an option for Mac or Linux). See ArcGIS PRO System Requirements. In particular, check out the link to 'Check your computer's ability...' using the Can You Run It app.

It is possible to install ArcGIS Pro on a Mac but you first have to have Windows or a Windows emulator installed and you will need sufficient ram, hard drive space, video card, etc. See ESRI's notes on how to Run ArcGIS Pro on a Mac for details and system requirements.


2. Have a WWU ArcGIS Online User Account

  • ArcGIS Online user accounts are automatically created for anyone with a WWU Login (i.e., a WWU user name and password) the first time you log in to ArcGIS Pro (on campus) or ArcGIS Online


3. Download the ArcGIS Pro (3.x) software installation file (note: large file, over 1.5 GBs)

  • Login to ArcGIS Online using the  ArcGIS Organization URL (formerly 'Enterprise') login option and your WWU username and password
    • To use the Organization Login:
      • On the ArcGIS Pro login screen:
      • Do not use the default 'ArcGIS Login' option
      • Click the Your ArcGIS Online's Organization URL option (formerly listed as 'Enterprise Login')
      •  Use your WWU user name and password to login
  • Once you are logged in: Click your username (upper right-hand corner) to choose My Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Choose Licenses from the side-bar
  • Scroll down to ArcGIS Pro and click the Download button
  • Choose English (Version 3.x) and click Download
  • Once downloaded, open the ArcGISPro_###.exe file to install ArcGIS Pro


4. Install the software on a personal computer (or on multiple computers)

  • On a Windows PC:
    • See system requirements notes above
    • Open the downloaded .exe installation file
    • Follow the prompts and default settings to install ArcGIS Pro
    • You will need Admin permissions to install software
  • On a MAC:
    • See system requirements notes above
    • You will need to install either Boot Camp or Parallels software
      • Boot Camp allows you to create a 'dual boot' computer (both iOS and Windows)
        • If you use Boot Camp you will also need to obtain and install a copy of the Windows operating system
        • Boot Camp is free but there are requirements for the amount of hard drive space, the iOS version, the computer version, etc.
        • Students may be able to obtain a free (student) copy of Windows
      • Parallels allows a Mac computer to 'emulate' Windows (running Windows software such as ArcGIS)
        • You will need to purchase the Parallels software (see student option). There is also a 14 day trial that would allow you to see if it works.
        • Using Parallels for ArcGIS (or other Windows programs using large datasets) will not be as fast as running the same programs / data on a Windows computer
      • Once you have Parallels or Boot Camp and Windows installed, you will also need to install ArcGIS Pro (see Windows notes above)
        • ArcGIS Pro is free for WWU students
    • Installing Boot Camp (and Windows) or Parallels so that you can install ArcGIS may work, or may not - and the only way to know for sure is to try it and see...


5. Open / Run ArcGIS PRO on a personal computer, using your WWU ArcGIS Online user account

  • Open ArcGIS Pro
  • Click the Your ArcGIS Online's Organization URL option (formerly listed as 'Enterprise Login')
    • Do not attempt to use the default ArcGIS login option
    • You should not need to use the Configure Your Licensing Options link
    • Optionally click the Sign Me In Automatically link
  • Having clicked the Your ArcGIS Organization's URL option:
    • Enter wwu for Your ArcGIS Organization's URL
    • This will complete the full URL which is:     
    • Optionally click the Remember this URL link
    • Click the Continue button
  • Click the Western Washington University button
    • Sign in with your normal WWU user name and password
      • If you are already logged in to your WWU account this step may be skipped
    • You may need to use your full WWU email address (e.g., instead of just carsonr)
  • You should not need to, but you can use the Configure Your Licensing Options link to specify Named User login if necessary
    • Check the box for Authorize ArcGIS Pro with a valid ArcGIS Online account (URL =
    • Do not use the Single Use License type
    • Do not use the Concurrent Use License type
    • Once logged in, use the About ArcGIS Pro link to open the Projects page and choose the Licensing tab to specify Extensions, etc.
  • NOTE: you will need an internet connection to be able to use ArcGIS PRO with your WWU ArcGIS Online user account (in order for ArcGIS to access your license)
    • You can, however, 'check-out' your license for offline use (but you will need to login online to do so and you to 'return' the license when you are done). CAUTION: See OFFLINE notes below.



Using ArcGIS Pro OFF-line (on a Personal Computer)

NOTE: In most cases you do NOT need to use ArcGIS Pro offline. Follow these steps ONLY if you are going to be working without internet access.

You should NOT (and should not need to) do this if you are working on campus.

DO NOT use this option unless you need to be working OFF-LINE (so as long as you have an internet connection you DO NOT need to bother with any of this)

By default, ArcGIS Pro is set up to be used with an internet connection: you need to be online to login with your WWU ArcGIS Online user account and your ArcGIS Pro license. If you know that you will be working offline you can 'check out' a license. While you have a license checked out you can use Pro offline but ONLY on the computer on which you checked the license out. In order to use your Pro license on any other computer you will need to 'return' the license by checking it back in (online from the same computer). 

  • To check-out a license to be used offline:
    • Using the computer you will be working on offline, open ArcGIS PRO (with an internet connection) as usual, logging in with your licensed WWU ArcGIS Online user account
    • From the Project / Licensing tab, check Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline
    • Specify a Number of Days to use the license offline
      • RECOMMENDED (Strongly): Set the number of days for as SMALL a number as possible to achieve your work offline
    • ArcGIS Pro can then be used offline (on that computer ONLY), for that number of days
    • To 'return' the license, login online again ON THAT SAME COMPUTER and Uncheck the Offline option
      • To return an offline license back to your licensing portal, you must be signed in to the organization that checked out the license
      • On the Project tab, click Portals, find the portal with the gray key symbol (your licensing portal), and right-click it
      • Click Sign in and provide your credentials
      • Return to the Licensing page
      • The Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline check box is enabled
      • Check the box to return the offline license to your licensing portal, and provide your credentials when prompted
  • ​Note that you HAVE to log back in to your account, with an internet connection, using the SAME COMPUTER in order to return a license
  • You will NOT be able to use your ArcGIS Pro license on ANY other computer until you have returned the checked out license
  • If you are unable to return a license (for whatever reason) you will have to wait until the check-out period is over (the number of days you specified), or you can contact ESRI (WWU administration staff do not have the ability to re-authorize a license that has been checked out for offline use)


See also notes on Graduating / Leaving WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization


More Resources


Updating the Software Version for ArcGIS Pro (on a Personal Computer) 

WWU will be using ArcGIS 3.x on campus for 2022-23.

  • If you are working on a personal computer and also using campus computers it is strongly advised that you use the same version of ArcGIS Pro on your personal computer as is being used on campus.
  • If you are working only on a personal computer you can upgrade to the latest version of ArcGIS Pro
    • Open ArcGIS Pro (logging in with your WWU ArcGIS Online account)
    • Go to About ArcGIS Pro (either from the opening Splash screen or from the Project ribbon)
    • On the About page insure that the box for Check for updates on startup is Checked
    • If there are software updates available click the Download Now button
    • Follow the prompts to download and install a newer version and/or Patches

If you have an older version of ArcGIS Pro installed you should be able to simply update it using the method above.


Non-WWU Users

If you are not a currently enrolled WWU student or current WWU faculty or staff, you can sign up for a 21-Day Free Trial with ArcGIS Online (which includes a 21-Day license for ArcGIS PRO.)