About the SAL

computer lab The Spatial Analysis Lab

The Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL), consists of 4 separate computer labs used for teaching and research: AH. These facilities are maintained by the College of the Environment as WWU. The SAL is part of the Spatial Institute and was established to provide access to hardware, software and databases for the display, analysis and modeling of spatial patterns and relationships. Instructors and students from environmental studies, environmental sciences, geography, geology, biology, journalism, anthropology and various other disciplines are able to share these resources and to collaborate with each other on class projects as well as individual research efforts.

Originally, the SAL consisted of AH-16, located in Arntzen Hall. It has now grown to include AH-14 (a mixed classroom / computer lab), AH-24 (a mixed classroom/projects computer lab) and ES-318 (the "Planning Studio" / computer lab), located in the Environmental Studies Building. Each of these rooms are available to students when classes are not scheduled. AH-16 is open 24/7 (though the building itself may not be).

The SAL user's guide outlines some of the basic requirements for working in the lab, and gives suggestions on how to make the best use of the facilities. The SAL has been funded, in part, by WWU Student Technology Fee (STF) funds.

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