Environmental Speaker Series 2014-15

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2014-15 Schedule

Fall Quarter 2014

  Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Archive

10/2/14, 4pm

David Patrick

"The Quest for Affordable Solar Energy"


10/9/14, 4pm

Jennie Stephens

"Power Struggles in Energy System Transition"


10/16/14, 4pm

Bill Shaw

"The Retreat of Antarctica’s Glaciers"


10/23/14, 4pm

Bob Ferris & Todd Wilkinson

The Two Talking Wolves Tour


10/30/14, 4pm

Charles F. Wilkinson

"Stewards of the Land"


11/6/14, 4pm

WWU & NWIC faculty

Panel discussion: "Freeing the Elwha"


11/13/14, 4pm

John Gussman

Film: Return of the River, plus Q&A with director


11/20/14, 4pm

Bill Hurley

"Deep Water Offshore Wind Energy in Europe"


12/4/14, 4pm

Alex Ramel

"Aligning Economic Development and Clean Energy Sector Growth"



Winter Quarter 2015

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1/15/15, 4pm

Joel Swisher

"Next-Generation Energy Systems for a Low-Carbon Campus and Economy"


1/22/15, 4pm

Tom Loranger

"Western Water Laws and Resource Management"


1/29/15, 4pm

Thomas Webler

"The German Energy Transition: Can we do the same here?"


2/5/15, 4pm

Jerry Ek

"Resilience Theory and the Classic Maya Collapse"


2/12/15, 4pm

Robert K. Johnston

"Monitoring and Modeling Pollution Runoff in Puget Sound Inlets"


2/19/15, 4pm

Julann Spromberg

"Murky Water: Coho salmon and urban stormwater runoff"


2/26/15, 4pm

David Kaplan

"The Role of Information Technology in a Clean Energy Future"


3/5/15, 4pm

Jim Conca

"The GeoPolitics of Energy: Achieving a Just and Sustainable Energy Distribution by 2040"


3/12/15, 4pm

Chance Asher

"The Critical Role of Science in Environmental Law and Policy Making


Spring Quarter 2015

  Date/Time Speaker Talk Title Archive

4/9/15, 4pm

Erika McPhee-


"Life on the Edge of the Pacific"


4/16/15, 4pm


W. Miller
"Battling Invasive Wildland Weeds:  How we plan & conduct management trials"


4/23/15, 4pm

 Panel discussion "Enviro Job-Hunting Basics" - NCI, Sustainable Connections, ForestEthics, and RE Sources


4/30/15, 4pm

Brenna Forester** "Genomics and Conservation; or, Salamanders vs. Climate Change"


5/7/15, 4pm


"Climate, Nitrogen Deposition, and the Bay Checkerspot Butterfly"


5/14/15, 4pm


"Salmon Restoration and Energy Planning in the Columbia River Basin"


5/21/15, 4pm Amanda Graham** "Reflections on Ecological Literacy in the Anthropocene"


5/28/15, 4pm

Adriana Martinez "Environmental & Social Impacts of the US-Mexico Border Fence"


6/4/15, 4pm Crina

"Offensive Remarks: Building public insistence and a bias for action"


** = Alaskan Airlines sponsored speaker


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