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Learn all about internships: how to find one, internship requirements, and how to get approval and receive credits. 

Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Majors

WWU Urban Planning club

WWU Urban Planning club (or Western Urban Planners) was formed as a coalition of students at Western Washington University interested in all things planning. Our goal is to expand the accessibility and awareness of planning to provoke innovative and diverse solutions to complex issues. We do this through engaging with our community, connecting with planning professionals, group visits to other cities, vibrant discussions on current events, and exchanging ideas in a comfortable, supportive environment.

AICP Certification

AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners) Certification brings value to your career, the organization you work for, and the communities you serve. Do you want to demonstrate your expertise, show your commitment to professional ethics, distinguish yourself in the job market, and keep your planning skills in tip-top shape? The One Path to AICP streamlines the certification process.

More information about the One Path to AICP certification process is available on the American Planning Association website.