Minor in Sustainable Design

Course Catalog: Sustainable Design Minor

A multi-disciplinary, cooperative Degree Program in Sustainable Design from the College of the Environment's Department of Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy and the Department of Engineering Technology's Industrial Design Program

Application deadline

Applications are accepted semi-annually on the third Friday of Fall and Spring quarters.

Faculty Advisors

Professor Arunas Oslapas, Department of Engineering Technology

Professor Nicholas Zaferatos, Department of Urban and Environment Planning and Policy

About the Minor

The College of the Environment and the Engineering Technology Department jointly offer a minor in Sustainable Design. Design is the process of conceptualizing, representing, and creating projects, processes, or products (ranging in scale from consumer objects to regions). Sustainability requires that designed products promote long-term economic, social, and ecological values and equity. The minor provides a foundation in environmental studies and design and allows for individualized tailoring.

Goals of the Minor

The goal of the program is to enable students to gain skills to pursue sustainable design careers. The program is open to all WWU students. Students in the program obtain an understanding of the natural systems within which human institutions and technologies function, and of the social systems which mediate human interactions with ecosystems.

Application Process

Students of the sustainable design minor are accepted into the minor by application, and space is limited. Those students who show the highest affinity for integrating environmental systems information, sustainable design principles, and understanding of practical applications are accepted into the minor.

Application Content

Applicants should prepare a PDF to include the following:

  1. application form as the cover page that contains your contact information;
  2. a narrative statement explaining your educational goals and how prior courses have helped to prepare you for studies in sustainable design;
  3. a narrative description of your past experiences, such as your own design concepts or products, design projects, class papers, books read, personal activities or creative projects, participation in community work, membership in clubs, etc; and
  4. your overall GPA.

Submission and Deadline

The application must be received by the deadlines indicated above. Applicants will be notified of final decisions. 

Please send your application as a PDF to cenv@wwu.edu or deliver it to ES Building 539.