WWU Campus Map

Project Overview

The WWU Campus Map is an interactive map of the Western Washington University Campus.  Several interactive data layers are incorporated into the map providing a more in depth look at the campus's features and services.  Data that can be viewed on the map include:
  • current campus construction projects
  • accessibility information,
  • a walking tour of the WWU Outdoor sculpture collection
  • food services
  • parking lot information,
  • computer labs locations
  • Bus and Bicycle information.


In addition to the above data layers, the map provides tools to help users find buildings, departments and other key locations and services through a series of drop down menus.

This summer (2014) the campus map is undergoing a major overhaul.  Floorplans for most campus maps are being digitized and incorporated into the map.  Every room on campus will have a unique url linking to the floor and room location on the map.  This will allow campus departments and services to link directly to their facilities from their webpages, better helping the students, faculty and staff, as well as campus visitors find classrooms, lecture halls and various campus services.


This project was funded by WWU's Academic Technology & User Services (ATUS).