Spatial Institute White Papers

Occasionally Huxley Spatial Institute staff output white papers detailing their work.  The following white papers are currently available.

Macaw Cam

Macaw Cam: Exploratory camera trap techniques for monitoring and conservation of Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) nests

In this study, we explored new, low-cost camera trap techniques to monitor Scarlet Macaws in one of their last two self-sustaining habitats in Costa Rica. Camera trap monitors have begun to produce new insights in avian research and we use them not only because Macaws are threatened, but their imagery can be used to enhance the public’s understanding of the connections between science and conservation efforts. We mounted camera units on two trees with nesting Macaws in Costa Rica’s Carara National Park and monitored one nest remotely for seven consecutive months.

Mapping Clean and Green

Mapping Clean and Green: A geospatial mapping tool for visualizing industial environmental performance
In this paper we outline a web application developed by the Spatial Institute to help better visualize point source pollution data