SI Map Links

Map Libraries

Huxley College Map Library @ Wilson Library

The Center for Pacific Northwest Studies

University of Washington Map Library

Central Washington University Maps

Library of Congress, American Memory Map Collection

The British Library

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

David Rumsey (Historical Maps)

Perry-Castaneda (U Texas) Collection


North American Cartographic Society

Cartographic Perspectives (Journal)

ESRI's Mapping Center

Cartography and Geographic Information Society

Canadian Cartographers Association (CCA)

International Cartographers Association (ICA)

Art & Cartography (from ICA)

CartoTalk (forum for Cartography and Design)

Making Maps: DIY Cartography

Shaded Relief

Color Brewer

Cartographer's Guild (forum)

Cartographer's Users Advisory Council

Strange maps (blog)

Kelso's Corner (Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso blog)

Something about Maps (Daniel Huffman blog)

Cartastrophe (Daniel Huffman blog)

Cartographer (Andy Woodruf blog)

The Map Room (blog)

Radical Cartography

Indie Maps, Neocartography (Zachary Forest Johnson blog)

F*!@ Yeah Cartography!

Online Maps and Mapping

City of Bellingham online map (CityIQ)

City of Bellingham Maps

Skagit County online map (iMap)

Skagit County maps

Blank Outline Maps

Cartography 2.0 (interactive, animated and online mapping)

CIA World Factbook Maps

Color Landform Maps of USA

EPA EnviroMapper

Geographic Name Information System (USGS GNIS)

Map Digger

National Geographic

NG Map Machine

Nautical Charts (current)

Rand McNally


USGS online store:  (includes map locator and downloader--GeoPDF files)

World Mapper

World Maps


David Rumsey Collection (Historical)

Historical Topographic & Nautical Charts

Historical Washington Topo Maps

Historical Topos and Charts on Google Earth


Pacific NW USGS Geological Maps

Strange Maps - interesting cartography

Tsunami Maps for Washington State

WWU Faculty Research Projects

Air Photos

GlobeXplorer (USA Air Photo - with MapQuest Addressing)

TerraFly (USGS Ortho Photos by USA address)

TerraServer (MSN - USGS Ortho Photos)

Washington State DOE Shoreline Photos (oblique)

Citing Maps & Digital Data (for academic works)

Western Washington University (Wilson Library)

Brock University Map Library

McMaster University Library

Michigan Tech 

University of Waterloo

Arizona State University

University of Wisconsin

Univ. Saskatchewan (Citing Data Files)


Unit Conversions #1 (Area, Length, etc)

Unit Conversions #2

Digital Earth

Puget Sound LIDAR Consortium