SI Student, Faculty, & Staff Maps: Non-interactive

San Juan Islands geocaching sitesMany of the GIS classes at WWU include a cartographic component. In particular ENVS-418 (Computer Cartography) focuses on the visual display of information. In addition, many of the GIS ENVS-42x courses include higher-end cartographic components. 

This page is a small sampling of student works, intended as a showcase and to provide inspiration for future students.


SI Web Maps: Online Interactive Maps created by Institute Students, Faculty & Staff

The central Salish seaOne of the main areas of interest over the last few years, both for SI and for the GIS community in general, has been the development of interactive, online mapping technologies. Beyond simply providing maps which allow users to pan, zoom and turn layers on and off, web maps can be used for spatial decision making support and for the collection of field data.

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