Leaving WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization

Notes on Graduating / Leaving WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization

See also: Notes on WWU ArcGIS Online User Accounts


WWU ArcGIS Online user accounts remain active for as long as you have a current WWU account (username and password). Once you graduate* / leave WWU your WWU account will become inactive and you will no longer be able to log in to your WWU ArcGIS Online user account. This means you will:

  • No longer have edit access to any of your ArcGIS Online content (web maps, apps, data, etc.)
  • No longer have an ArcGIS Pro license or be able ot use ArcGIS Pro
  • No longer have access to the ESRI Academy for online tutorials and training materials (other than their free materials)
  • Note that you will also lose access to your WWU OneDrive, U-drive, email, etc...

If you have ArcGIS Online Content you are encouraged to either DELETE it or transfer ownership of your Content PRIOR to leaving WWU (i.e., before you lose access to your WWU account). 

Note that if  you don't transfer ownership of your ArcGIS Online content it will remain online indefinitely (and viewable to the public if it was shared) even after your WWU login / account is no longer active. However, once your WWU account is no longer active you will not be able to modify, update, delete, or transfer ownership of your content. So if you don't want it online, you should delete it (or make sure it isn't shared with the public). And if you want to be able to modify it, you should transfer it to a non-WWU account.

Unclaimed content (i.e., if you leave WWU and just leave your content without transferring ownership to someone who will maintain it) will eventually be deleted... Not right away, but eventually (certainly not in the next few years, but maybe someday...). Transferring ownership insures that your content will not be deleted and that it can be maintained / updated as needed.

Transferring Ownership of ArcGIS Online Content to a Different WWU User Account:

One option for preserving online content is to transfer ownership of the content to a different WWU user account. This could be:

  • Transferring your content to a different student, faculty or staff at WWU
    • Once your content is transferred to someone else you will no longer have direct access to the content, but it can still be maintained by the new owner
    • This is a good option for ongoing projects or collaborations that are being 'handed off' to someone else
    • Contact Stefan to request that content be transferred from one WWU user account to another
  • You can request that the Spatial Institute take over ownership of your content
    • Transferred content will be preserved online (accessible to the public as desired)
    • Once your content is transferred you will no longer have access to edit or update your old content
    • This is a good option for projects that are complete (i.e., will not require further maintenance) but need to remain online indefinitely
    • In general, the Spatial Institute staff will not update or edit content (it will be left 'as is')
    • Contact Stefan to request that content be transferred to the WWU Spatial Institute for preservation
  • You can request a WWU Alumni ArcGIS Online account
    • Alumni accounts retain (limited) edit and update capabilities
    • This is a good option for temporary, ongoing projects that you will need to update and maintain after leaving WWU
    • Alumni accounts do not have ArcGIS Pro licenses, access to the ESRI Academy, or ArcGIS Online Credits
    • Contact Stefan to request a WWU Alumni user account
  • In addition, a department can 'Sponsor' an individual to provide a WWU computer account if needed - so if you are working with a faculty / department post-graduation you might be able to have your WWU account 'sponsored' (reactivated / extended)


Transferring Ownership of ArcGIS Online Content to a Non-WWU Account:

Another option is to transfer your WWU ArcGIS Online content to a non-WWU ArcGIS Online account. This could be:

  1. This could be a Free 'Public' ArcGIS Online account (free for Personal, noncommercial use
    • Note that this is not the same as a Free Trial account (which comes with trial ArcGIS Pro license, ArcGIS Online credits, etc.)
    • Free Public Accounts are intended for noncommercial use
  2. This could be an ArcGIS Online account associated with some other organization (i.e., that of a new employer or a different academic institution)
  3. This could be a purchased ArcGIS Online account (that you purchase as an individual or a business)
  4. You can also purchase a Personal / Individual (non-commercial) ArcGIS Pro license (currently $100 / year) that includes an ArcGIS Online account


  • Not all content can be copied to a Public / personal (i.e. Free) ArcGIS Online account.
  • Not all types of content can be copied using the (free) ArcGIS Online Assistant (there are other options to transfer content but they charge a fee and WWU does not currently have access to these services).
  • In general, basic web maps and web apps can be copied (for free and to a free account), but some data services and StoryMaps (etc.) are sometimes not be able to be copied...


To Transfer ArcGIS Online Content to a non-WWU ArcGIS Online user account using the ArcGIS Online Assistant:

  • Obtain a new (non-WWU) ArcGIS Online user account if you don't already have one...
  • Transfer your content from your WWU account to your non-WWU account using the ArcGIS Online Assistant
    • NOTE: You will need to be able to log in to BOTH your WWU ArcGIS Online account and your non-WWU ArcGIS Online account
    • Open the ArcGIS Online Assistanthttps://ago-assistant.esri.com/
      • From the ArcGIS Online Assistant webpage:
        • Login to your WWU ArcGIS Online user account (the SOURCE account)
          • You should be able to view all of your ArcGIS Online Content (maps, apps, data, etc.)
        • From the ‘I want to…’ drop-down menu, choose Copy Content
        • In the Copy Content dialog box:
          • Choose Another Account
          • Select ArcGIS Online
          • Click Log in
          • Click Sign in with another account
          • Log in with the your non-WWU ArcGIS login (the TARGET account)
            • You should now be able to view BOTH your WWU ArcGIS Online Content AND your NON-WWU ArcGIS Online Content
        • Drag Content that you want to copy from your WWU account to your NON-WWU account
          • NOTE: some types of content cannot be copied to a Public / Personal (free) account
          • NOTE: some types of content can only be copied using the 'Simple' as opposed to 'Full' copy method:
            • Simple copy leave the data on the old account and creates a new web map (in the new account) that use the data on the old account
            • Full copy moves the data and the web map to the new account - but this may not work for some types of content 
    • Once you have copied any/all of your WWU content, log OUT of the ArcGIS Online Assistant
    • Log IN to ArcGIS Online using your NON-WWU ArcGIS Online account
      • Verify that all of the Content you moved was copied correctly
        • Note that you may need to recreate ArcGIS Online folders, etc.
        • Again, note that not all types of content can be moved, so you may need to rebuild some of the content (hopefully you'll be able to at least move the data and other core content elements...)
    • Log OUT of your non-WWU ArcGIS Online account
    • Log IN to ArcGIS Online using your WWU ArcGIS Online user account
      • Optional: DELETE any/all of your old WWU Content from your WWU account
      • You are encouraged to delete any old, unused, draft, experimental stuff (junk) that you won't need again
      • You also may want to delete content that you moved (so that the only remaining copy of the maps, etc. is the version on your non-WWU account
      • Or, you are welcome to leave your content on your WWU account as a backup (note that if you leave it shared with the public it will be still available to the world... for better and worse. If you don't share it with the public it won't be viewable by anyone, including yourself, once you lose access to your WWU login)



* Note that WWU user accounts / login remain valid for approximately 1 quarter after graduation.


For more information, contact stefan@wwu.edu