ArcGIS PRO for WWU Students, Staff and Faculty

Using ArcGIS Pro (WWU)

ArcGIS Pro requires an ArcGIS Online user account and an internet connection in order to open the software. A WWU ArcGIS Online user account is automatically created the first time you log in.

See also:   More information on WWU ArcGIS Online user accounts (which are used for both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro)
                   ArcGIS Pro Off-Campus (Downloading / Installing Pro on a Personal Computer)
                   Logging in to ArcGIS Online

                   ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online for WWU Faculty and Staff


To Open / Login to ArcGIS Pro (and automatically create a WWU ArcGIS Online user account*, if needed):

  • Open ArcGIS Pro (Start / ArcGIS / ArcGIS Pro)
  • On the ArcGIS Sign In screen click Your ArcGIS Organization's URL option (which used to be labeled 'Enterprise Login')
    • (optional: check the Sign me in automatically box)
  • In the Your ArcGIS Organization's URL section (formerly the Enterprise login section), enter WWU for Your ArcGIS organization's URL and click Continue
    • (optional: check the Remember this URL box) 
  • In the Sign in to Western Washington University section, click on the big blue box that says Western Washington University to confirm your organization
  • If required, enter your WWU user name (or your WWU email address) and your WWU password
  • On the ArcGIS Pro screen you should see your WWU User Name at the upper right-hand corner, above Western Washington University, indicating that you have a WWU ArcGIS Online user account, are a member of the Western Washington University organization, are properly signed in and are ready to use ArcGIS Pro
  • Choose to open a New Map or Open a Recent Project, etc., as desired...


*The FIRST time you log in ArcGIS Pro a WWU ArcGIS Online user account is automatically created. Subsequent log-in will use the same exact same log-in process and will use the same user account.

WWU ArcGIS Online user account provides:​

  • A license / access to use ArcGIS Pro on campus or on personal (off-campus) computers
    • This license includes most of the ArcGIS 'Extensions' as well
  • Membership in WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization
    • Publishing rights for use with ArcGIS Online content (web maps, data, etc.)
    • An allowance of online 'credits' (for use with ArcGIS Online)
  • Access to the ESRI Academy (for ESRI's online training courses)
  • WWU ArcGIS Online accounts remain active as long as you have a current WWU username and password


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