ArcGIS Login Issues

ArcGIS Pro Login Issues

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1. Not Using the Enterprise Login Option

For WWU users, the most common problem logging in to ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online is not using the 'ENTERPRISE' Login option. The default 'ArcGIS Login' option will not work for WWU users because WWU uses ENTERPRISE user accounts. With Enterprise logins users do not have an individual ArcGIS user account, instead their WWU user account is used for ArcGIS (WWU is our 'Enterprise' or ESRI Organization). Thus, accessing ArcGIS uses your WWU user name and password (Enterprise logins are also sometimes referred to as 'Single Sign On' - note that this use of your WWU login is similar as for accessing your WWU OneDrive or Canvas.)

The default login option (for ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online) is to use the ArcGIS Login (which will not work for WWU users):

(If you try to use the default ArcGIS Login you will likely get an 'Invalid username or password' error message. You may also get a notice about resetting your password, which you can't do because WWU users don't have an ArcGIS account / password to be reset. Likewise, the links for having Forgotten your Username or Password won't be of any help, because you don't have an ArcGIS user account.)

Since WWU uses ENTERPRISE logins, WWU users DO NOT have an individual ArcGIS account and must use the ENTERPRISE LOGIN option:


Our 'Enterprise Organization' is WWU, so you need to enter wwu into the dialog box to complete our organization's URL:


Click Continue after entering wwu.

If prompted in the Sign in to Western Washington University section, click the Western Washington University button to confirm your organization


If you are already logged into your WWU account on the computer you are using (i.e., a campus computer, using Canvas, etc.) your WWU user name and password will be 'passed' to ArcGIS automatically. If not, you will need to enter your WWU email address and password and click Sign In.


2. Problems With Your WWU User Account

Since WWU uses Enterprise logins for ArcGIS, accessing ArcGIS is dependent upon having a valid WWU user account. If you have forgotten your WWU user name or password you will need to contact ATUS: Neither ESRI/ArcGIS nor WWU's ArcGIS Administrators can help with this process as they cannot access or reset your WWU account. Contact ATUS for issues with your WWU user account.

If you graduate or leave WWU your WWU user account will become no longer active. When this happens you will no longer have access to ArcGIS. If you have content stored on ArcGIS Online that you wish to maintain you will need to transfer this content to a non-WWU account before leaving Western See Notes on Graduating / Leaving WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization.