College of the Environment Masters Degrees

Master of Science (M.S.) degrees:

student taking samples

Environmental Science

Marine & Estuarine Science

Master of Arts (M.A.) degree:

Environmental Studies

(Note:   We do have a 4-Quarter option for Urban Planning.   Requirements are the same as the regular MA, ENVS program, but there is only a Field Project option and a much more cohort approach to your coursework.    This is recommended ONLY for those students with a strong background in Urban Planning and Development.)

Master of Education (M.Ed.):

Environmental Education

(PLEASE NOTE:  The M.Ed. ENVED Program is currently under revision and not accepting new students at this time).

Normally, a student chooses one of these options and, with the help of a faculty adviser, designs an individual Plan of Study. This plan is built on College of the Environment (ESCI/ENVS/UEPP) courses and, when appropriate, courses from other departments. College of the Environment M.S. programs require a thesis, while the M.A. and M.Ed. have a thesis or field project option.